Container Grown Potatoes / April 2010 – Growing a vegetable garden

Growing Irish potatoes in containers. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at

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    25 Responses to “Container Grown Potatoes / April 2010 – Growing a vegetable garden”

    1. webcajun Says:

      @kenzee5525 … I planted Red La Soda the last 2 years and they seem to do OK in my part of the country. Not a huge potato nor a real heavy producer……. Donald

    2. daniellenadia Says:

      what a great smile you have! Thanks so much for taking the time to post these!

    3. webcajun Says:

      @daniellenadia … glad you enjoy em and you’re welcome……. Donald

    4. rimma4 Says:

      Mother Nature always bring some surprises.Thank you 😉

    5. webcajun Says:

      @rimma4 … learn something new every season…..Donald

    6. ALETHEIA8881 Says:

      Thank you so much, i have learned so much from you, i cant wait to get my root vegies planted… do you think it would be alright to plant carrots in the same raised bed with the potatoes – also where can i find seed potatoes? i have looked at our one and only feed shop…thank you so much for you!!!

    7. webcajun Says:

      @ALETHEIA8881 … I don’t see any problems planting them in the same area. Seed potatoes are only available in the spring here so I save some that I harvest to replant in the fall…….Donald

    8. Allen2045 Says:

      IM so glad I watched your video. I thought I could go to the store and buy potatoes and plant them. Now I will either buy seed potatoes from a nursery or order them on line.

    9. Allen2045 Says:

      @marshallhenderson81 what a nice thing to say.

    10. Allen2045 Says:

      @webcajun Now Im hungry

    11. Allen2045 Says:

      @donze52 way to go.

    12. donze52 Says:

      since the rich and the government demands all the dollars
      we must look outside the box.
      be safe

    13. webcajun Says:

      @Allen2045 … Lots of folks plant potatoes that are sprouting from the store and do pretty well. I try to save potatoes dug in the spring to plant in the fall cause I can’t find seed potatoes around here at that time of the year…….Donald

    14. chickenbonewatt Says:

      Really digging your videos!!!! Thank you!!

    15. webcajun Says:

      @chickenbonewatt … You’re welcom……..Donald

    16. 22justus2 Says:

      you must be a dream come true for your wife….my husband and I have watched every single video you ‘ve posted and we both agree…you are ONE busy man.
      Don’t know how you do it….but you have the good life…growing your own veggies, your loving pets and your loving family around you, and contentment. What a dream come true…keep up the good work and we’ll be looking for the upcoming videos!

    17. webcajun Says:

      @22justus2 … You know for 36 years I’ve tried to convince my wife how lucky she is to have me but hadn’t succeeded yet. LOL At this time of the year one of the most relaxing times for me is sitting in my shop, in front of my wood stove, drinking coffee. Very simple I know but it’s the simple things that make life enjoyable. Thanks for your kind words……..Donald

    18. yourgardens Says:

      love the vid 🙂

    19. webcajun Says:

      @yourgardens … Thanks…..Donald

    20. MicrowavedTofu Says:

      your garden vids are so helpful!

    21. webcajun Says:

      @MicrowavedTofu …Glad you like em…..Donald

    22. TheWholefoodfarmacy Says:

      Great vidio

    23. medicjimr Says:

      Donald I am amazed of what I got to learn when it comes to gardening, Maybe a thousand miles apart but the joy of gardening is just the same thanks Jim

    24. webcajun Says:

      @medicjimr …Hey Jim, no matter how long you garden you’ll see/learn something new each season. Keeps things interesting…….Donald

    25. webcajun Says:

      @TheWholefoodfarmacy …Thanks……..Donald

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