Criminal gardening in Oak Park, Michigan – Interview with Kevin Rulkowski

From NaturalNews.TV – This exclusive NaturalNews interview features Oak Park, Michigan city planner Kevin Rulkowski, who has attacked home gardener Julie Bass for daring to grow vegetables in her front yard. (SATIRE)

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    25 Responses to “Criminal gardening in Oak Park, Michigan – Interview with Kevin Rulkowski”

    1. 0GodsAngeL0 Says:

      @oldaccountbanned just too support her, yes… they just have to get the idea and they will…

    2. AquarielCharm Says:

      Hilarious & informative at the same time. We’ve gotta support Julie folks, the next person in jail could be you or I. Btw DANDELIONS contain more Vitamin A than broccoli, chard, collards, spinach, or carrots, more Vitamin B Complex (all the B’s), Vitamin C & E, Calcium, Magnesium, Potash, & Zinc. The leaves are high in boron, calcium & silicon, which are good for bone health & there’s more, but don’t eat if they’re sprayed with toxins. You’ll never look at Dandelions the same way again. Google.

    3. mdlittle5466 Says:

      LOLZ!!! Oh PLEASE let that happen in real life! PLEASE may there be a bunch of people willing to pelt Mr. Ruklowski with tomatoes! It’d be a tragic waste of food…but since this moron doesn’t want ANYONE to grow food – I say, PELT HIM! PELT HIM! XD <3

    4. maharawj Says:

      5 people who disliked the video are Oak park city officials

    5. healthhavencom Says:


      and sad.

    6. RubysTableTalk Says:

      go ranger go !!

    7. ZeroSixtyFive Says:

      @AquarielCharm It loox like you are a garden criminal too, AC.
      How dare you recommend people natural and organic vegetables, when our governmets says its bad for us, and that we should eat only synthetic GM food from our beloved MONSANTO!
      You naughty naughty, you ;D

    8. kingdavidb Says:

      Hahaha! this is awesome! Love it… like, favorite and share this video on facebook & twitter.

    9. multiversedancer Says:

      HaHAHA love ya Mike <3

    10. Lizz7711 Says:

      @Lengarces LOL, then how come they let millions of people have tons of those monstrous and ugly “creatures” all over their front lawns…fake deers, gnomes, rabbits etc….so tacky, but yet, allowed and protected because it’s THEIR lawn, and it’s NOT trash or beat up machinery, cars etc. Live Vegetables are an eyesore??? Give me a break.

    11. ideasguy Says:

      Let’s not forget that there are laws or ordinances that allowed these puppeticians to do this to Julie. Let’s keep the pressure on by repealing these laws so they can’t do like Mike said and just take care of her later.

    12. gabrielsyt Says:


    13. EdM021 Says:

      Excellent video.

      I would’ve been great if Kevin Rulkowski drove down a treelined street in Oak Park and repeated the line immortalized by Mink Stole in Pink Flamingos: “Look at all these trees… STEALING MY OXYGEN! I want to see ASPHALT!! Doesn’t the American taxpayer have a voice anymore?!” xD

    14. utahactor Says:

      This video is FREAKIN’ awesome!! A very talented individual created it. Reminds me of Saddam Hussein in South Park cartoons.

    15. opelske Says:

      @Lengarces – I agree. It’s all about respect for each other and self. But you can grow a nice garden and also add some vegetables amongst the flowers. It’s done in Europe, Italy especially, and many Italians continue to do that here in America. When people learn to respect self and others, doing things with care and neatness follow.

    16. good2b40 Says:

      It is disgusting all the renegades we have in politics right now, stealing our freedoms left and right. Unfortunately, too many of their tactics have gone unchecked for so long, but they forget, this is still AMERICA, filled with freedom loving AMERICANS, who are still willing to stand up and fight for their freedoms! Thank you Natural News for backing up Julie in her fight to have a vegetable garden!

    17. 48843Renee Says:

      Un-freakin-believable!!! BTW who wants to live in Oak Park LOL

    18. unsheepled Says:

      Al-CIA-DUH tomatoes !
      Uncle Sam save us from the terror produce please .

    19. AmpSanders Says:

      @oldaccountbanned this is my plan. I am currently saving enough money to start a huge project here in my town. I want to leave boxes of food on peoples porches with information regarding GMO’s, Vitamins, Minerals…you name it. The point will be to get everyone to start growing. Do this in your town too. It would be huge!

    20. promiseIsaih60 Says:

      I love you Mike! This is great! Next time maybe you can show him splitting a spleen over beans or something 😉 Oh! That will be when she wins her case 🙂

    21. theharrison46 Says:

      It’s good to see a vegan with a bit of fight in him 😉 we need to be as cruel as these punks. Only our rule will make people healthy and happy.

    22. recyclecongress Says:

      Mike looks like Josh Axe on talk radio’s “Dr. Axe”

    23. KillBaddBugz Says:

      Sheesh—the truth is often stranger than fiction. Unbelievable. Nazi Police State cooking away…

    24. jeffro1234567891 Says:

      They should do a South Park Movie about this.

    25. irishgeal1 Says:

      lol, mike is making this guy look a national idiot.

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