David Letterman – Mary-Louise Parker’s Gardening Show

What does Mary-Louise Parker’s son think “Weeds” is really about?

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    12 Responses to “David Letterman – Mary-Louise Parker’s Gardening Show”

    1. Henrry1236 Says:


    2. littlemanboy123 Says:

      first? comment

    3. ndrdd23 Says:

      not first aha :)?

    4. Bullsight2020 Says:

      Mary-Louise? Parker! YUMMY!

    5. littlemanboy123 Says:

      curse? you

    6. TheAncientWritings Says:

      Ms.? Parker is beautiful. the camera should have gotten a full body shot of her.

    7. ladygodiva2187 Says:

      are we still doing? this?

    8. ndrdd23 Says:

      haha almost you were so close? man

    9. littlemanboy123 Says:

      only bye like? 2 mins

    10. ndrdd23 Says:

      yea good luck next time i hope? you get first next time

    11. electronicoffee Says:

      If I was remotely bisexual or straight,? she’s sooooo be my type. Classy and gorgeous in a way that a blonde never could be.

    12. ayjay10016 Says:

      Very short? legs and large torso!

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