How Do I Keep Deer Out Of My Garden?

Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play. Remember that song from long age? It truly does set up the vision of tranquility on the home front. The reality is that deer and backyard gardens do not mix. The deer look at your freshly planted garden as their personal garden spot. On their way back from their drinking hole, they think nothing of having a little bedtime snack of tender, green deer plants. Going out in the morning to tend your garden is often a nightmare. Is there anything that an avid gardener can use as a deer repellent?

A recent conversation with a garden supply professional, brought to light some possible solutions to this frustrating problem. Animals learn through the repetition of their surroundings. For example, deer have learned which lawns actually put out deer plants to encourage the deer in the area to come into their yard. Yes there are those who like the aesthetic value of being able to sit on their back porch and watch the deer. The problem with this is that deer do not know the property lines between your yard and your neighbors. So they figure if there is suitable food in one yard why not check the next. Unfortunately these well meaning people could be your neighbors. Deer are very inactive animals. They often use the same tried and true trails that have brought them positive food searches over time.

Commercial deer repellent can be found in most garden centers. They are usually very expensive and take a lot of labor to apply them according to manufacturers instructions. A simple web search can bring you up to speed on which ones are the most effective for your area. Deer repellent come in sprays, powders and pouches. Depending on your particular garden size and whether or not you live in a place that is heavily populated with deer, you may need a specific type of deer repellent. Check with your local garden professional to get the most up to date information.

For those who prefer less potent methods to keep deer from destroying the garden, some of the following suggestions could prove to be a less toxic form of deer repellent. Supposedly, deer are very opposed to the smell of rotten eggs. I don’t know who came up with this statement but there must be some truth to it as one of the commercial products has an essence of commercially made rotten egg smell. Another less putrid suggestion was to shave Irish Spring soap and spread those shavings in the garden.

Other tried and true methods include keeping pet cats around the property. The theory around this idea is that cats will dig in the garden and spread the smell of their urine around. Speaking of urine, one of the popular deer repellents out there is coyote urine. This can be found in hunting supply stores.

Regardless of which method of deer repellent you choose to keep the deer out of your garden, the experts agree that the methods need to be changed from year to year. This will prevent the deer from taking notes and coming up with another strategy to gain access to those tender deer plants they think you planted for them. 😉

Deer Resistant Plants

Deer Resistant Plants

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