Do they have gardening clubs just about everywhere to join?

and what exactly does one do once joined? does everyone go as a group to one anothers house for fun and work of helping each other w/their gardening or what?

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    3 Responses to “Do they have gardening clubs just about everywhere to join?”

    1. fluffernut Says:

      Garden clubs vary greatly. You need to ask what YOU want from a club and find one that fits. Many are geared towards the social aspect with education such as flower arrangement, gardening and some social project. Many help with a garden in a school, nursing home and the like. Many also hold flower shows.

      Garden clubs may run from mostly social to those really dedicated to public service. I’ve never heard of one going to each others’ home and helping with the garden, LOL! cool idea.

      Plant societies gear their activity towards a certain plant, say rose society or daylily society. Their’s is education based, they may have a public garden and usually have a flower competition.

      Then there is the Master Gardener programs. These are for experienced gardeners who receive around 40 classroom hours in education and return those hours in public service thru the Extension Service.

      If you are in or near a big town, look in the phone book. Sometimes a group of garden clubs may purchase a building to hold their meetings. Ask at local nurseries and garden centers. Call the Extension Service, they often keep track of local garden clubs or have a name of someone to contact.

      If the garden club is having a flower show, they will list it under the happenings section of the paper. Also the State Fair may have state wide flower competition. That would be a good way to learn about clubs throught out the state.

      Also check out this site:

    2. Lisa Says:

      Each town generally has a web site with either a link to the local gardening club or the contact info for the club. Each club is also done differently, ours decorates and maintains the town square in the spring summer and fall and has a large plant sale in the spring to fund that project or another. They meet monthly to offer advice and occasionally trade plants.

      Check it out because you could teach and learn a lot.
      Have fun!!!!

    3. naturallynadine Says:

      There are all kinds of gardening clubs in my area. I do not know where you are, but hopefully there are clubs in your area as well. If not, you could start one!
      In the club for which I serve as president, we meet the third Wednesday of the month at the local senior center. We have various speakers on topics from water to nutrition. We also have a newsletter and we go on field trips.

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