Does anyone have any advice on how to start a small indoor garden…Such as lights to use, soil, how to water.?

I would like to start an indoor garden perhaps in my garage…I just want to grow the basics…like onions, romane lettuce, tomatoes…the common items…Maybe some herbs or berries…like strawberries, black and rasberries…I am open for all suggestions…

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have any advice on how to start a small indoor garden…Such as lights to use, soil, how to water.?”

  1. Lyle MacPherson Says:

    I love hydroponics! We just started our first indoor garden 2 months ago. We bought the Aerogarden 3 from Canadian Tire and started with a basic herb kit (basil, savory, oregano, thyme, chives and mint). Within 6 weeks we were eating the basil and last week we used the savory and oregano. You can also grow tomatoes, beans and a host of other great herbs and vegetables.

    The reason I love the Aerogarden is that it comes in a kit complete with equipment, seeds and fertilizer. After planting there is nothing to do but keep water in the reservoir and add fertilizer as suggested. It is a no brainier – just follow the instructions and you will have a GREAT indoor garden. The other thing I really like is NO DIRT which means less mess, no guesswork on how much water to add and less bugs!!

    We loved the little 3 pod so much that we bought a 6 pod garden directly from Aerogarden and had it shipped to our door, No we can grow an even bigger garden!

  2. maplewoodjoe Says:

    I bought some "Earth Boxes", check out the web site, they are pretty cool and easy to maintain. I use miracle grow for soil. They need sun so put it by a window at least or you can drag them out on sunny days. You fill the bottom of the box with water twice a week and they use what they need

  3. Gregory Says:

    try hydroponics, expensive to start up but it works extremely well with all types of plants

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