Who Wants Garden Shoes As Gardening Gifts?

Garden shoes are incredibly comfortable, like walking on a cloud.  What could be easier than slipping on a pair of clogs on the way out to the garden?  Although gardening shoes aren’t often thought of, they are a practical and money saving essential for backyard gardeners.  Garden clogs are an inexpensive way to avoid ruining your everyday shoes or boots with the grime of the garden.

Garden shoes are essential for every day gardening, lawn and yard work.  They are especially designed for work where water may be present and dirt is loose.   Gardening shoes are invaluable during the early spring as the mud just rinses right off.  Garden clogs offer the durability of work boots with the ease of slippers.  After wearing them for hours, my feet don’t get hot and clammy, which is a common problem with waterproof shoes.

Garden shoes are both fun and practical and make great gardening gifts and stocking stuffers.  They are stylish enough to wear anywhere and are available in everything from green to giraffe to zebra or even ladybug (if you prefer).  Choose wisely and they are sure to earn a place alongside your shovel as your most used garden gear. 😉

Ladybug Garden Shoes

Ladybug Garden Shoes

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