Gardening: Birds, Bees & Blueberries

The birds ate all but one of my blueberries last year. They are not getting any this year. Using PVC pipe I put up some inexpensive netting (not bird netting) that keeps the birds out and lets the bees in. Because I painted the PVC black it looks good in the backyard.

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    25 Responses to “Gardening: Birds, Bees & Blueberries”

    1. LDSPrepper Says:

      It’s true! 🙂 Each year you will get? more blueberries, unless the birds get them. They can have my tomatoes but not my blueberries. Thanks for viewing and commenting.

    2. LDSPrepper Says:

      My wife is in the living room cutting shade cloth to size. I noticed this morning leaves on my? apple and avocado tree wilting. It’s that time of year.

    3. sugerbear520 Says:

      Very nice!?

    4. mountainprepper21 Says:

      How are you? going to get in there to pick or do maintenance?

    5. BoilermakerLU37 Says:

      mine are? packed also ……cant wait

    6. 2Bibleppl Says:

      A? nursery could not have done better. Great job and thanks for passing the useful info on to us. Ann

    7. LDSPrepper Says:

      Great question. I should have covered that in the video. On the right hand end I rolled the extra screen around 6′ length of PVC instead of tacking to the ground like I showed on the left end. I can just pickup the PVC to get inside. It? is like a screen door on a tent. It works great.

    8. LDSPrepper Says:

      I can already taste the blueberries on? my morning cereal and evening ice cream. Yum!

    9. freewaybaby Says:

      I wondered about the squirrels. I have a Turnbull pear tree that is FULL of bird and squirrel food each year. Have not figured out a way to keep the squirrels out….ah, but if? they would just eat SOME of them and leave some for us, but they take one or two bites of each and move on to the next, leaving all of them to fall to the ground partially eaten; the little monsters! And NO drought THIS year; we’re making up for last, it seems, here in Bryan-College Station!
      Love your videos!

    10. LDSPrepper Says:

      Squirrels are amazing animals. Trying to control squirrels is almost impossible. I had some that were doing significant damage to my property.? I found that they really like rat poison. I had to get rid of them because they were costing thousands of dollars of damage. I think this wild life netting and the way I have it strung up will keep the squirrels out too. I have my fingers crossed. Best of luck with yours.

    11. SteveHarpster Says:

      wow you did a really nice job?

    12. lauriegirl2 Says:

      That was ingenius. It’s a constant fight here.? If not the deer then squirrel or racoon, birds, insects, etc. We are lucky to get anything in the end. I like your idea. Thanks for sharing it.

    13. imstillworkin Says:

      That looks great. I had the same problem with birds getting my blueberries so I made some bags out of tulle (the netting used for weddings). I slipped the bags over the bushes and it kept? the birds off of them. Next time I’ll have velcro closures on one corner so that instead of taking the bags off when I want to pick berries, I can just open one side. My solution wasn’t pretty, yours looks nice. Tulle is very cheap though.

    14. brogan56 Says:

      “If ye are prepared, ye shall eat blueberries”, best chuckle I’ve had today!

      Squirrels on my fruit trees are my bane, I’ve tried covering them with netting but the squirrels are really good at making holes in and taking? off the netting… If the city authorities weren’t such sticklers about discharging firearms in the city limits I’d have a fine squirrel skin vest by now. 🙂

    15. LDSPrepper Says:

      LOL, I’m? glad you liked the closing line. I found squirrels really like rat poison. I’m just saying. 🙂

    16. LDSPrepper Says:

      Sounds like something my wife is doing with her tomatoes. She uses clothes pins to hold row cover cloth around the metal cages. She can get? into to pick and inspect the tomatoes easily with the clothes pins.

    17. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thank you. I figure if I’m doing all the work I should be able to? reap the harvest.

    18. LDSPrepper Says:

      Thank you. It is amazing how inexpensive? it was and that a little black paint can really make it look presentable.

    19. sawedoffmidget8 Says:

      Another idea for squirrels is a pellet gun. Quiet? yet strong enough for a good kill.

    20. sawedoffmidget8 Says:

      Love? your ideas lsd

    21. sawedoffmidget8 Says:

      Lds sry?

    22. roynash Says:

      We? just bought our first blueberry plant; will put it in the ground tomorrow. Wondered about the birds, now we know! Thank. And for the other tomato tips, too.

    23. LDSPrepper Says:

      You may know this, Blueberries need to cross pollinate. Two different varieties are needed. It works best with three different varieties. Planting them within 5-8 feet of each? other helps in the pollination.

    24. TheTubeTempest Says:

      I have a giant mulberry tree and I? only got one ripe berry because of the birds. there was a ton on there.

    25. LDSPrepper Says:

      Yikes! I am sure they appreciate all the work you put into their food.? 😉 Time for bird netting?

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