What Gifts To Give A Gardener?

There are many different ideas for great gardening gifts. Show your appreciation for the gardener in your life by giving them unique and well thought out gardening gifts.
Gardening gifts are also things that can be kept and appreciated. You can for instance buy a herb with a card attached.  A plant that attracts certain species of birds can also be given with a book on those specific birds.

Seedlings can also be great gardening gifts since they are already grown and only need replanting. The recipient will be happy with a plant that he or she has been looking for or wanting for some time. Since they are already seedlings, the recipient will not have a difficult time growing them. For novice gardeners, a complete set of gardening tools will be greatly appreciated as gardening gifts. Gardening gifts like these can range from the basic gardening tools to specific tools needed for specific functions while gardening. Specific tools include pruners of all shapes and sizes, sprayers, mowers and many others.

Gardening gifts are directly parallel to the needs of the gardener. For one gardener may not be the best for another, so a little knowledge about your friend or relatives garden needs will be a definite help.  The most expensive gardening gifts may not be the best ones, so if you are on a budget, don’t worry. There are always garden accessories and clothing wear. Gardening gloves, footwear and knee pads are always appreciated.

Rain gauges in a variety of shapes and styles look attractive in a yard or garden, particularly if they look part of the general theme. If the person on your gift list has frog statuary throughout her garden, then a rain gauge held by a frog would be an ideal gardening gift. Fairies, dragons, wildlife and other themes lend themselves to a variety of accessories that can enhance the space. Wind spinners, statues, planters, wind chimes and other outdoor accessories incorporating those themes make great gifts for gardening enthusiasts. As they spend lots of time outdoors, they’re better able to appreciate these little touches of beauty.

Gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies, and you probably know a gardener or two that would love a gift from you, even a pink flamingo!  😉

Pink Flamingo Gardening Gift

Pink Flamingo Gardening Gift

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