Grow a Front Yard Vegetable Garden and Go To Jail. The Plight of Julie Bass Oak Park, MI

Support Julie Bass at John from shares with you his thoughts on the plight of Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan who faces Jail Time if she is convicted of the misdemeanor crime of growing a vegetable garden in her front yard. After watching this episode, you will learn what you can do to help and discover John’s tips on how to stay out of trouble in the first place.

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    25 Responses to “Grow a Front Yard Vegetable Garden and Go To Jail. The Plight of Julie Bass Oak Park, MI”

    1. rlwieneke Says:

      City of Oak Park Michigan

      Mayor – Gerald E. Naftaly Tel:248.691.7410
      Mayor Pro Tem – Michael M. Seligson Tel:248.691.7410
      Council Person – Angela Diggs Jackson Tel:248.691.7410
      Council Person – Paul Levine Tel:248.691.7410
      Council Person – Emile Duplessis Tel:248.691.7410

    2. chefgabe77 Says:

      I live in rohnert park, where can I score a tree collard? Thanks Jon!

    3. gerald2003r Says:

      @growingyourgreens This is where I sent my message… You’ll have to find a place on this website to send a message to the people running this village but I think it will help… oakpark-mi dot com I haven’t a clue what they are thinking there in Oak Park… Not sure why Youtube takes out website address’s oakpark-mi dot com

    4. gerald2003r Says:

      @growingyourgreens Thanks!

    5. apensiil Says:

      can’t you somehow engage mrs michelle obama? she is promoting growing vegetables. yes, the vegetables in white house are probably in back yard, but anyway – the idea has to be spread to everyone not restricted!

    6. apensiil Says:

      and – thank you very much,john, for spreading this message!

    7. meltdown53 Says:

      Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US.

    8. meltdown53 Says:

      It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food. S 510 would give Monsanto unlimited power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming.

    9. Tommyr Says:

      @bestestmama O.k., calm down. Jeez.

    10. demerc Says:

      What about a vegetable seed ball bombing campaign organized by people who live near this lady? Rain down seeds on all the government buildings ground in the area.

      Or maybe next spring.

    11. bestestmama Says:

      @Tommyr um…i was totally calm, i was just saying… lol

    12. kschouest Says:

      What an awesome idea, John, to encourage all the supportive neighbors to plant a veggie garden in their front yards to show solidarity and “suitability”! Thanks for posting this video and for relaying all the information so that we can do everything possible to help this woman and help bring the “leaders” (and I use the term loosely) of her town to their senses. It’s surreal to think how this absurdity is juxtaposed with Casey Anthony getting a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Unbelievable!

    13. LaoSoftware Says:

      What? You can’t grow vegetables on your own property? That’s crazy. I can never understand American politics. The politicians are not on the same page as the people who elect them. The country is going backwards.

    14. ancientwisdom2012 Says:

      you should watch “Meet your Strawman” and “The Occult World of Commerce”. understand we no longer have the government we thought we had. it is a fraud and we are not subject to “Code” laws under common law which is what we should be using and what this country was founded on. if we dont understand this, we will be playing the game with their fradulent rules where they control the game. dont let these criminals get away with this. please watch the films! may they empower you and all of us.

    15. mysciencenow Says:

      we dont have rights any more John… we have oppressors

    16. mysciencenow Says:

      @penguinistas yeah they will get there ship sink soon enough

    17. anniequilts Says:

      I am so glad I live in the middle of no where and can grow what I want and where I want it.

    18. hoofmama Says:

      so, if she plants grass between the raised beds, that would be ok?

    19. Lleanlleawrg Says:

      In spite I’d start a campaign in that town to make raised bed gardens and make sure everyone grows something else. Either they can jail the whole town or they can realize how silly this entire idea is.

      A fine would be bad enough, but JAILTIME? America has got some waking up to do, I think.

    20. Thaneii Says:

      I emailed the Mayor of Oak Park, and told him that I was going to buy a home there until I learned of this situation. I love what you’re doing!

    21. RookieGardner Says:

      I’m so glad you are raising awareness about this Oak Park situation. When I read the story the other day I couldn’t believe my eyes…our government is out of control on so many levels

    22. magylyn Says:

      Check Julie’s website, please. People are attacking the counsel members and their families. We must let the legal process take place!!!!

    23. Janice11353 Says:

      I agree, gardening is Art and it is Therapeutic. … Oak Park, Michigan locking up a person for growing vegetables… tisk-tick. It’s crazy. They should reward her for being proactive and responsive to the times! Parched lawns in middle class neighborhoods give little back or forward. There is a poetry to every garden which bonds people together – Families, Neighbor’s and friends share what comes from efforts and their earth.

    24. aburke673 Says:

      @magylyn the legal system is corrupt. demon craps rule Michigan

    25. KingRyltar Says:

      Saw that on an online free press channel.. The government is getting more corrupt, taking more freedoms instead of protecting our freedoms.

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