Grow High Quality Vegetables with Free Xtreme Gardening Products

John from shares with you the free Xtreme Gardening products he recieved in the mail including Compost Tea, Organic Feeder Packs, Azos, Mykos and CalCarb. In this episode you will learn some of the benefits of using the Xtreme Gardening products and how it can help you to grow faster and more nutrient dense vegetables in your garden. In addition, you will discover how you may also be able to get these products free.

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    23 Responses to “Grow High Quality Vegetables with Free Xtreme Gardening Products”

    1. eduardomachadostudio Says:


    2. 8drewski Says:

      dam i wish i got? one of those right now!

    3. ASFx2600 Says:

      Nice! Glad you were able? to get one. Their Mykos and Azos always works really well.

    4. dnatypro Says:

      Cool, I’ll have to try? that.

    5. GalaxyofStarrs Says:

      Thanks so much for this. The great thing is that I really trust you when you say “buy this thing” because I don’t feel like you try to sell us everything under the sun just to? make a buck. So thanks so much for that. I will add these to my wish-list for when I finally get a place where I can garden!

    6. andrewsreclaimedDIY Says:

      Nice, John! Lots to learn, definitely would vie? for the mykos type fungi.

      Happy new year!


    7. nealio75 Says:

      There are several links to groups by the name of xtreme gardening on facebook. Do you have a link to? their page?

    8. FreidasGarden Says:

      Done! Thanks John!?

    9. agriperma Says:

      Checked out their site, I have to say, their prices are pretty good, and a little goes a long way, the MykosWP is mixed 1/2 cup to a gallon of water, and then? you use 2-4 cups per plant. or a tablespoon around base of plant. I have not tried em out yet, but next time i purchase some mycorrhizea I may pick some up from them. I wonder if someone knows, can i add this powder to my tea brews, to multiply the beneficials?

    10. ChrisGrowingOrganic Says:

      I didn’t eat any animals yesterday! It was easy. Vegan isn’t as hard as I thought. I think switching to raw foods will be a little harder. 🙂 thanks for the? video john!

    11. ilovejustinBIEBER65B Says:

      Do you know what? day was it when you filled the form out? I would love to try some of their samples out.

    12. Megzm6 Says:

      Ohh I hope I get one? just started gardening 😉

    13. 1gotgoodz Says:

      Thanx John did just as you? said. The day after your video they had another contest and I’m so excited to see what they are going to send me in the mail.. I love gardening supplies especially free ones. Thanx again John and keep posting and I’ll keep growing lol..

    14. Megzm6 Says:

      Thank you John, they posted they had one for me after I left my info . I haven’t gotten an email yet but, I am guessing they will just send it. Anyway thanks for your video , I hope to get? these products to try excited like a little girl at Christmas 🙂

    15. mieshie Says:

      This guy is so cool. He needs a girlfriend. C’mon, John. Aren’t? there any cool chicks growing in California?

    16. ooohlaa13 Says:

      Hi Jon, even in North Central FL, my plant survived 3 seasons, but last 2 nites went down to the 20’s so sad, probably I lost it. It was planted in a huge pot like 18×24 and was HUGE and? lush and some regrew itself from seed fallen in the pot. I love the way you wove in the song from your childhood. You are a doll in every way and someone will be lucky to find you when the time is right for a life partner. Just wanted to make sure you know this. Love your passion and sincerity.

    17. Megzm6 Says:

      Hey yah they just emailed me thanks to your video John I am? getting a care package whooo hoo

    18. Megzm6 Says:

      Yeah? @ oohlala I am in Central Fl too and lost several things my pepper plants I had for almost two seasons and tomato.

    19. ddavid993 Says:

      CARE PACKAGE!! i got 2 of them!!?

    20. Joriini Says:

      The? presenter is cute but his shouting annoyes the hell out of me. Grmpf

    21. baynative Says:

      dude! you really dont hav to yell the info at us. i think you’re trying to be? excited but really you’re jus yelling and for that reason though id like to hear wat you’re saying i jus cant listen to you

    22. SweetDiversions Says:

      @Joriini He often talks loud because he’s outside and there may be traffic & other background noise. You might not even notice the background noise, but with a good set of headphones it’s there. I also keep in? mind it’s not like he has a sound crew following him around, which maybe some day he can have, but he’s making these informative productions with his own time and money, so you may want to turn down the volume….. Also, he’s very enthusiastic – that’s one of the reasons I like him.

    23. Megzm6 Says:

      Hey John thank you I got my care package today whoo I can’t wait to get started pretty cool stuff? thank you for your video Yay!!!

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