Growing Food in South Florida – Vegetable Garden in Grow Boxes and Moringa Trees

John from goes on a field trip to South Florida to learn about what Bruce is growing in his standard residential suburban home. He is growing trees and shrubs in the front yard and vegetables and even more trees in the back yard. Learn about growing in grow boxes made out of sterilite storage bins and learn more about moringa.

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    20 Responses to “Growing Food in South Florida – Vegetable Garden in Grow Boxes and Moringa Trees”

    1. Vladivostok41 Says:

      Awesome! great video

    2. SnowKitingVegan Says:

      thanks for the info about Moringa tree. I’ve never heard that it’s so good.
      4:54 John, do you feel comfortable in these socks? At the end of the video you were driving a car, so I’m just wondering can you drive in this socks too? I see people use them jogging and other fitness activities. Do you like them? Your videos are great as always! I’ve subscribed and now working down the list … want to see all of them :o)

    3. elleisthebusiness Says:

      I am growing Moringa in Jacksonville, FL. It grows really quickly

    4. franzb69 Says:

      moringga roots really easy. just stick them in the ground and they’ll grow just about anywhere. great in soups, with chicken and seafood.

    5. FeligsBrightTV Says:

      here in austria that moringa also grows but i never heard of it being edible thanks !! ill try it out 🙂

    6. feralkevin Says:

      Moringa! Cool!

    7. halleysmommy Says:

      I think the production cost of your videos just skyrocketted! A convertible mustang? lol… Powered by biodiesel I’m sure. 😉

    8. growingyourgreens Says:

      You made me Laugh. You Know me so Well…

    9. growingyourgreens Says:

      I love the Vibram Five Fingers, they are shoes not socks. I will have a video on them soon. I do everything in these shoes. Its just like being barefoot!

    10. FLATCY Says:

      It is a money tree! My goodness…a money tree! I have lived to see the day! 🙂

    11. TheNewUpsetters Says:

      Hey…Where are you ? You need to come to Miami Beach and check my garden out..Mangos,Guava ,Star fruit,15 kind of Bananas Bamboos and more ..oh an incredible garden bed with veg & tomatoes… let me know….all in the heart of South Beach..what else can you ask..

    12. martenfisher1 Says:

      You can grow moringa in frost and even colder if you cut it back and pile straw over the bottom part of the trunk. It will come back in the sping. Found this out from a guy growing it in North Carolina in ground.

    13. StephieMcCarthy Says:

      fun show, John!

    14. fiending Says:

      Hi John!
      i hear many ways to choose good food to eat. food that is closest to nature, raw and organic. looking back in time and comparing to nowadays, many more foods are unnatural in the world today. then i always hear, “humans are expected to live longer nowadays compared to back then.” in your opinion, is this because the health treatments and medicines are better in today’s society, or does this have something to do with the nutrients in the majority of food?
      Thanks for the great information

    15. growingyourgreens Says:

      There are many reasons for living longer. Living longer is not necessarily living BETTER. You can live long, but be in a nursing home with a very poor QUALITY of life. Many of the “living” longer nowdays has to do with western medicine. Living Long and Living Healthy is best. The old addage is true.. you are what you eat.. Most people eat “junk” and “processed” food.. So what are they? We should all eat the freshest and highest quality food as possible for the highest quality of life.

    16. bestestmama Says:

      Good Better Best! 😉 I like that you encourage people to grow in general, not only the way YOU do it!

    17. skyoverhead Says:

      Love the videos thanks for sharing,What i need to know is what i can grow to get the best source of iron?

    18. mombo39 Says:

      What temperature do you dry? You mentioned low and I am wondering what temp you use. Thanks!

    19. 12quillemall5321 Says:

      My neighbor throw away picnic coolers often I use them the same way as an Earth or Global Box. It’s a great way of reusing them for another purpose beside landfill in dump sites. I use them for my herbal boxes. I might grow tomatoes in them.

      Love his special garden. Potting mix is lighter because it’s a blend of compose material and perlite. Love that mircle grow myself. Buy it when it’s onsale.

    20. gardenlovers Says:

      Neat idea for herbs and vegetables; did you also cover the can with smaller hole so no large dirt falls into the water?

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