Guerilla Gardener

One London gardener on a mission to make our green spaces brighter.

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    23 Responses to “Guerilla Gardener”

    1. AisforAdorable Says:

      oh this man is awesome! his ambition’s great, and it’s pretty cool what he’s doing! more flowers, less bush!! 😀

    2. assasin4892 Says:


    3. Mamasan41 Says:

      This “before and after” video is splendid! The thing that I liked to read from the Guerilla Gardener site is that when a community invests in beautifying their neighborhoods, crime has been known to go down about 60 percent!! 60 PERCENT!! Your organization deserves a great big thanks for your example of what can be accomplished, big and little. Cheers!

    4. ItsFilthy Says:

      This is awesome. I’m luvin it! BigRespect!

    5. kwikflikz Says:

      i love what you are doing…come by my neighbourhood!

    6. retikx Says:

      And some wanker stole one… I do something like this with wild flowers and various herbs. Its kinda fun to go by a month later and see it grown.

      I dont go to as much trouble as these guys more just plug a few seeds here and there and let nature take its course.

    7. winsonboss88 Says:

      great work

    8. MJKwote Says:

      whats is the link to that website to that guerilla gardener forums??

    9. VideoChoreographer Says:

      Just heard you on the BBC. Great job! I think I’m going to start doing a little bit of this…
      By the way, who ever made this video did a great job.

    10. linkmaster112233 Says:

      heart warming

    11. bridgecable Says:

      This is great…I would like to see edible plants grown instead of flowers and shrubs…hey maybe we could compromise on edible flowers..

    12. bridgecable Says:

      floral terrorists! lol

    13. ussyless Says:


    14. unitebritain Says:

      hes on my site

    15. dfcvda Says:

      about to seed bomb a very busy roundabout on a busy bypass inaccessible by foot


      it must be nice to have a life calling that is so positive for others. as a shaman and vampire slayer, i’ve never gotten one thank you yet… its just so unfair.

    17. retrofantasy Says:

      Certainly not for the faint hearted. 🙂

    18. dannystaple1 Says:

      Dandelion is edible. Can be pretty too I think.

    19. mekanopsis1 Says:

      Heheh good point

    20. shortysmagic Says:

      wat i dont get is that they use almost all annual plants why wouldnt they get more perenials that will survive more then one yeer!

    21. admiralcrash1 Says:

      Put up some foliage and block some of those 5 million cameras. Police state, disarmed Britian. 🙁

    22. sedumgrow Says:

      Wonderful idea…..

    23. chrs168 Says:

      Pity the local councils don’t pay him and his crew to brighten these places up. They do a great job.

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