Has anyone used rabbit manure in gardening?

I have four indoor rabbits that produce lots of poop. Has anyone used rabbit manure before in gardening? They use a litter box full of wood stove pellets. Does that make any difference to plants?
Anyone interested in buying some?

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    5 Responses to “Has anyone used rabbit manure in gardening?”

    1. iritadragon Says:

      Both the rabbit produce, and the wood pellets should be fine for any garden, since it is all organic (that means no manmade products). It would need to be dug under the topsoil, like you would dig in any other mulch, and then just left to rot

      Try adding it to your compost pile through the year, and then using that mulch in the spring like usual.

    2. RayRay Says:

      Yes, it is good fertilizer
      I used to raise rabbits.
      not sure about wood stove pellets?

    3. Maya Says:

      I have never heard anyone use rabbit manure. Ask Martha Stewart.

    4. thetravelinggardener Says:

      Most animal manures make good fertilizers. You should allow the poop to age a bit before spreading around the base of your plantings. Pile and let the weather weep the strong elements out prior to use.

      Meat eating animal manures should be avoided as the feces will contain harmful bacteria that could make you ill.

    5. waitin2croak Says:

      Rabbit manure needs NO AGING. as most other manures do.it’s a great manure. the wood pellets will not hurt anything.

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