Have you ever tried vertical gardening?

I always been interested in vertical gardening, I personally think that it’s a unique and aesthetic way of gardening and decoration. I just want to ask…

a. What do you think of vertical gardening?
b. Have you ever tried vertical gardening?
c. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor vertical gardening?

Thanks for answering!

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    4 Responses to “Have you ever tried vertical gardening?”

    1. Jenna Says:

      I’ve grown pumpkins this way and it’s pretty cool as they take up far less space.

      There is a vertical gardening forum over at the gardenweb site.

    2. Martha Z Says:

      i have grown cukes, and melons vertically for years. works great and uses much less space.

    3. sensible_man Says:

      I guess my hanging 5 gallon bucket planting is considered vertical gardening. I drill about a 1" hole in the bottom of the bucket, cut an X across the hole for ease of inserting the rootball and fill with potting soil. Drilling extra holes for drainage is a good idea. I have also used cutouts on the side to add cucumbers in the same bucket as my tomatoes.

    4. panthrosbulge Says:

      We’re going to try this out:


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