Homemade Bread – February 2011 – The Vegetable Garden

Making bread in the bread machine. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana

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    25 Responses to “Homemade Bread – February 2011 – The Vegetable Garden”

    1. webcajun Says:

      @jihadacadien … guess you could do it the old fashion way. lol……Donald

    2. stormwalkernz Says:

      @webcajun Donald I for got to mention I also add 3 drops of vanilla to the recipe just gives it a little extra nice taste – I will definately be trying out your Honey Idea on the next Laof tomorrow.

    3. nikki4612 Says:

      I used the machine for cinnamon bread. You put all the ingredients in for the usual white bread recipe. When the machine beeps for any add ins, you take the dough out and roll it into a rectangle. Spread a mixture of one cup sugar and 3 tablespoons cinnamon on the top then roll it up back into a loaf shape. Take the little mixing paddle out of your bread machine and put the loaf back in. Hit start to continue baking. Comes out great. Have fun.

    4. webcajun Says:

      @nikki4612 … Yeah I’m finding out there are all sorts of things you can make with this thing. Thanks……Donald

    5. rchadlogan Says:

      You inspired me to drag out the bread machine and boy am I glad I did! Keep doing what your doing!

    6. webcajun Says:

      @rchadlogan … Glad to hear that. The other day I ran out of bread flour and used plain flour, just wasn’t the same……Donald

    7. jwalk1014 Says:

      Love it Donald! Now start reading up on backyard grains and grow a wheat patch this spring. My winter wheat is currently lying under 2 feet of snow.

    8. webcajun Says:

      @jwalk1014 … I think I’ll let the pros make the flour. lol……Donald

    9. creekboysmom Says:

      can you freeze the loaves of bread?

    10. webcajun Says:

      @creekboysmom … never tried freezing the homemade bread but we use to freeze store bought all the time…..Donald

    11. patkane50 Says:

      Thank you sir, this was very interesting, even if only, for the recipe. Godbless +

    12. webcajun Says:

      @patkane50 … Try to find bread flour, I think it taste better…..Donald

    13. knyquol Says:

      Loved the video! I’ve been debating buying a bread machine for myself maybe it’s time to take the plunge??

    14. knyquol Says:

      Loved the video! I’ve been debating buying a bread machine for myself maybe it’s time to take the plunge??

    15. webcajun Says:

      @knyquol … Not sure if I would have purchased one. This one was given to me and now I’m hooked. If it were to go out I think I’d get another…….Donald

    16. patkane50 Says:

      @webcajun Cool, Donald. I will and if it works, its thanks to you sir. Godbless +

    17. ransom47 Says:

      I’ve enjoy all you videos an will be looking for the next one. Thanks, another great video

      Ransom McKenzie
      Houston, Texas

    18. webcajun Says:

      @ransom47 … Hey Ransom, hope to get back in the garden soon…….Donald

    19. wgseagal Says:

      is that a bottle of Carlos Rossi wine near that bread machine lol

    20. webcajun Says:

      @wgseagal …That’s a jar of dried puple hull peas. LOL…..Donald

    21. budzfloor Says:

      great vid. i sometimes add black pepper 2 my bread gives a little kick to it. and one of my fav. is substitute some of the water with condensed tomato soup

    22. webcajun Says:

      @budzfloor …Now that’s some ideas…..Donald

    23. peacelovehippychick Says:

      nothin’s better than fresh hot bread and butter. hey how bout a lesson on how to sharpen knives! lol

    24. webcajun Says:

      @peacelovehippychick …I’ll keep the knife sharpening in mind…..Donald

    25. prettyroads Says:

      I used a bread machine for about 6 loaves. Too much yeast. I can make 10 loaves with that amount of yeast. I never thought to try with less yeast but it probably wouldn’t work since the machine is timed.

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