How to Build a Raised Flower or Garden Bed

Lowe’s home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shares tips on building and constructing a raised garden bed. Learn what products to use and how to design a beautiful raised flower bed. For more helpful videos, visit

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    21 Responses to “How to Build a Raised Flower or Garden Bed”

    1. vcapo Says:

      @alanckaye And is he going to supply you with the materials for? free? Lumber AND labor WILL cost more than doing it yourself.

    2. lovadinasilvia Says:

      I’ve really enjoy it?

    3. SalladSicle Says:

      This makes me wanna? go to Lowes…

    4. Vengeance31 Says:

      Cedar also helps keeps the bugs away. ?

    5. murdocha Says:

      Great idea and I’ll be doing? this this weekend. But on a side note, isn’t this the same guy from the Retro-Encabulator video? I loved that!

    6. thebagsnow Says:

      i dont? have a deck can i still build this with wood?

    7. Iris81408 Says:

      This is a very interesting and easy video with good tips. I am working on my big back yard. This is my first home and I am trying to do it all by myself. It is a lot of work and I love to step back and see what I have created with my very own two little lady hands. My papa would be? so proud. 🙂 Considering that I am a city girl. Gardening is fun I just wish I started some projects sooner since summer is heating the days out here in the AZ sun.

    8. 641reyna Says:

      @Iris81408 im trying to make my lonly backyard to a pretty gardeen and this is my? first day and i have some seeds and some soiil:D

    9. dbush7120 Says:

      The treated wood gives you? a better buzz!!

    10. o00oZu1o00o Says:

      this vid is just perfect in? design and all

    11. o00oZu1o00o Says:

      this vid is? just perfect in design and all

    12. FWealthandHealth Says:

      I don’t see? instructions under the video on the website… 🙁

    13. ELSWJS Says:

      This turns the easy raised bed idea to…..$100 at? lowes.

    14. mebirdo Says:

      PILE OF SOIL?!?

    15. drychalice Says:

      @stodarddaton If you don’t? like LOWES, go to HOME DEPOT.

    16. 65gdoubleO Says:

      easy project my butt im doing this? for my eagle projuect and IT IS NOT EASY!!!

    17. fatskunkripz420 Says:

      1:19 a hoe lol?

    18. NedAcres Says:

      I use raised beds to grow my own food on 1/10 of an acre. to see them go to

    19. drewadvertisingsa Says:

      Where’s the 12 oz Lone Star Beer for when? your done?

    20. BackyardDiscoveryCo Says:

      Great tips.? Thanks for sharing.

    21. KnowYourRealEstate Says:

      Raised? beds are the way to go this day and age. If you are short on space, tier the bed so you get 2 or 3 levels. Plant the bushy or, heavier veggies on the ground level…smaller herbs on top.

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