I am about to start an indoor garden.?

Its going to be a fruit an veggie garden. where i live, theres not much sun light, i have a light fixture that has 2 4ft flouresent lights.
I am wanting to know how many watts does 1 put off?

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One Response to “I am about to start an indoor garden.?”

  1. catwoman Says:

    Duplicating Mother Nature indoors for our plant friends is more complicated than people often realize. Here are some tips for increasing your chances of success at creating a delightful indoor garden.

    1. Make sure your plants have plenty of

    * Light
    * Good ventilation (air flow)
    * A little humidity (moisture)
    * A comfortable temperature.

    2. Pick good lighting & ventilation to aid their growth. The area you’ve chosen to place your indoor garden, and the stage of growth your plants are at, will determine your type of grow light

    * A single fluorescent with no fan is fine for clones (cuttings).
    * Every other stage of growth indoors will benefit from having an oscillating fan on the plant(s). Plants do not have lungs, so they need the oscillating fan to move the air for them.
    * For vegetative plants, you may need 3 or 4 fluorescent lights, or even a metal halide light.
    * For producing fruits, vegatables, and flowers, though, you will most certainly want a high pressure sodium light.

    3. Keep a metal halide light around 40 watts/sq foot. For flowering, you want it to be more, at about 50 to 80 watts/sq foot. Get a good fan to control the heat if you get a good light. Your fan should be able to exhaust your garden area in 5 minutes or less. Make the exhaust run as short and direct as possible.
    4. Get a good thermometer and run it in the area for a few days to make sure everything is okay temperature-wise before beginning your garden. Too many fluctuations in temperature will probably mean the area you’ve chosen is not ideal.


    * You will need to know how to force flowering onto plants before you will be able to produce fruits, vegatables, and flowers on plants successfully indoors.
    * Make sure you wash the flowerpots you’re using thoroughly. Indoors there’s very little to stop the spread of disease.


    * There is a lot to learn in this area. Do plenty of research before you begin to minimize your chances of failure.

    Things You’ll Need

    * Good quality, high nutrient compost
    * Thoroughly clean flower pots
    * A mini watering can or jug

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