Indoor garden advice?

I want to grow an indoor garden with my 3 year old daughter. What are some easy plants to grow, veggies, herbs or whatever.. I’d like to grow tomatoes, but I’ve been reading up on it and it looks like quite the process. What’s best for someone starting out (and someone without a green thumb!) I’ve heard of using teabags in the soil to help plants grow. Should I try this? Any other advice?

I’d like to grow everything from seeds, and I’d like to try at least 3 different plants (or more!)

Also, I’m in Ontario, Canada, so there’s lots of sun in the summer, but not so much in the winter, spring and fall.. plus it gets pretty cold by the window I plan on using for sunlight.

Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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    5 Responses to “Indoor garden advice?”

    1. firstjohnson2000 Says:

      you might try getting some grow lights from your hardware store or garden supply,check for different sizes to find which will work for you. While grow lights may not be cost effective you may be able to grow a few plants indoors.perhaps you could start some plants indoors & plant them outdoors later. you might try lettuce in a windowbox and parsley & chives in pots to start. try experimenting with additional plants to see what works. good luck!

    2. MasterGardner Says:

      Indoor veggie gardening just isn’t possible – sorry for destroying your hopes. Indoor plants are limited to ones that don’t require much sunshine to stay healthy and bloom. All of the common garden vegetables need lots of rich soil, and sunshine by the bushel. So, unless you have a greenhouse attached to your house, or a large glass roof overhead in one of your rooms, decide to garden at least on a sunny porch. Those topsy-turvy planters work pretty well for lots of veggies; they can hang on hooks from a porch roof, you can feed and water them from a sprinklling can, and if you have room for pots on the porch, there are lots of herbs and veggies you can grow in them as well. Sun is good for the soul – get out there with your daughter and enjoy it and your veggies.

    3. Freedom Says:

      You can start you seeds indoors, but if you want them to grow, they will have to be moved outside.
      The easiest thing to do is to move them into containers and put them out after the last frost.
      I am in Ontario as well and I start my cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and arugula in the house in peat pellets. I also start all of my flowers in the house before setting them outside.
      Marigolds, Zinnias, Nasturtiums, Pansies, and Lavatera are all very easy and grow fast.
      Small cherry tomato plants are easy to grow in pots. Just make sure that they are the small variety. Look on the back of the seed packet to see how large they grow.

    4. Reverse_Thread_Wing_Nut Says:

      Since your new to this I want you and your child to have success right off.
      Start will a small aquarium 10 gallon should work. One with a cover and light would be best, Or your can just use any sort of light that can be aimed towards the plants.

      Cover the bottom with rocks – any kind to 3-4 inches deep. cover these with old pantyhose or similar netting the idea is to keep the dirt from falling into the rocks add enough water to near cover the rocks
      add 3-4 inches of potting soil and plant some radish, as they grow fast (month) and require little or no maintenance.
      Put the lights on a timer 12 on 12 off. Grow bulbs are better but not really needed for this simple project.

    5. jean ann j Says: There is some good information on this web site.

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