Indoor gardening?

I want to make an indoor garden. Specifically a hydroponic garden. I have been reading up on the subject, but there is so much info out there. Does anyone have any tips for me? What type of lights do you use? What type of system do you have? I have a good sized room in the basement I will be useing, and am interested in growing fruits and veggies and flowers. I was also wondering what is the easiest to grow to start out with.
Thanks for any info!!

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One Response to “Indoor gardening?”

  1. Nikos P Says:

    Hydroponics is a good way to grow up plants. But it is more expensive. You will need the "bed" wich is some kind of foam enriched with substances needed from plants.
    You will need the seeds wich are not the same as plain seeds sold in the market. These seeds are prepaired to grow up with hydroponics.
    Also light is a very important factor cause our life depends from light. I use the megaman plant lights wich have a spread light spectrum.
    You see plants don’t need the same light as we do. They need the red and violet ranges of light and the plain lights do not produce them.
    So you can buy some special lights. I recomend some lights that not need great wattage my fo example needs only 15 watts so its environment friendly and for my wallet too 🙂
    I want also to notice that the water you’ll use should be still for at least one day. So buy a large container or a bucket and fill it with water so all the dangerous for the plant substances will be wiped out.
    For fertilizing ask your hydroponics supplier.

    I don’t have personal experience with hydroponics. I’ve only read about it. But I think you will succeed. It’s not a rocket science.

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