Is it ok to use outdoor potting soil for indoor plants?

I have 5 new indoor plants but only have a big bag of outdoor potting soil for gardens. Is it ok to use the outdoor potting soil for my indoor plants?

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    5 Responses to “Is it ok to use outdoor potting soil for indoor plants?”

    1. hardy_rose Says:

      No….you probably have topsoil…that is as heavy as can be, and when it dries it’ll turn to something like concrete. Your houseplants need a light porous soil. I only use a soil-less media for my houseplants. Metro-Mix is my favorite, but miracle-gro makes a nice light mix.

    2. Teresa Says:

      Yes, it will be fine.

    3. Don Says:

      Does this potting soil really say for use outdoors? I’ve never seen potting soil that wasn’t all-purpose, and for houseplants too – what makes it "potting soil" is usually all the extra ingredients to make it more fluffy, and to hold water longer but also to drain well. Those qualities are good for outdoor plants, too.

      I think this potting soil is probably fine, but if it seems more like just outdoor garden soil, you could always add a little sand, peatmoss, compost, or other light, fluffy ingredients to make it be a little looser. It seems a shame to have to go to the store and buy more if you don’t really need to, I’d probably use it.

    4. randywarren71 Says:

      Yes most potting soils are a multipurpose soil if your talking about bagged soil and not bulk soil. Although most bulk soils are also used for indoor plants. If your planting orchids you do need special soils though.

    5. reynwater Says:

      Agree with Hard. Use quality potting soil like Miraclegro. Top soil will compact, not good for roots.

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