Join Our Fun Silly Informative Creative Sharing Gardening Group

Just come on over and Ask to join : Make sure and subscribe to these gardening channels if you haven’t.

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    25 Responses to “Join Our Fun Silly Informative Creative Sharing Gardening Group”

    1. dianemummvideos Says:

      @TheEndeavoringFamily this is a private group right now.. feel free to join facebook but if you don’t like fb that is? fine..

    2. dianemummvideos Says:

      @MisterBees fb is a good platform? and right now just a private group..

    3. dianemummvideos Says:

      @shadowofjuniperhill come on over, loved to have you.. and yes she? did she knows the word treat.. hears it

    4. dianemummvideos Says:

      @GospelTruth37059 yeah she is a peach.. thanks!?

    5. dianemummvideos Says:

      @geocache6553 awesome..? thanks!

    6. dianemummvideos Says:

      @RandomHelena wonderful , you’ll love? it here..

    7. dianemummvideos Says:

      @TheEndeavoringFamily why Mar 1.. what is happening.. I? know I am not leaving..

    8. dianemummvideos Says:

      @Planting81 our group effect really was fun..? thanks !

    9. dianemummvideos Says:

      @califree01? thank you!

    10. dianemummvideos Says:

      @MyInspiredCreation you? were great!

    11. dianemummvideos Says:

      @DIYHydro everyone? done great.. roxie is my sweetheart..

    12. dianemummvideos Says:

      @DIYHydro everyone done great.. roxie is my sweetheart.. ?

    13. dianemummvideos Says:

      @gardenmagik? you were great Melissa!

    14. dianemummvideos Says:

      @loislaney23 wonderful , lots of good? people here..

    15. dianemummvideos Says:

      @Incredibleisaac2 thanks Isaac!?

    16. rawbrutaltruth Says:

      fantastic way to get your word? out!

    17. chikkagrl Says:

      Wonderful idea! Plus, new people to sub? to! Thanks!

    18. TheEndeavoringFamily Says:

      @dianemummvideos Google has changed their privacy policy and basically have no shame in sharing ALL our information regarding sites we have? been to, what we have looked at and who we’re emailing with anyone who pays for the info. I know the old standby argument is “I have nothing to hide” but in this day and age, with my 4th amendment “I have nothing to share” is more appropriate. So many of us are making the exodus from google owned Youtube.

    19. SteveHarpster Says:


    20. TheOntarioGardener Says:

      Great job Diane? 🙂

    21. dianemummvideos Says:

      @TheOntarioGardener? great job Jake..

    22. ilovejustinBIEBER65B Says:


    23. Icebrg313 Says:

      Thanks Diane for making these great videos. One of your videos came up when I was searching for growing pineapples (I haven’t tried from seed yet but I might!). Then I watched more of your videos because I like your outlook on things. I? like how you like to have fun and try new things even if you don’t know if it will work. I’ve tried everything from stubborn spinach to my favorite annuals. I just watched your video for the Facebook group and can’t wait to join. Can’t wait to watch more videos!

    24. dianemummvideos Says:

      @ilovejustinBIEBER65B thank you for the sunflower seeds that was really? nice.. do you know what variety?

    25. dianemummvideos Says:

      @Icebrg313 thank you .. really am humbled by your post.. yes please? do join .. love to have you..

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