June Field Trip – Growing a Vegetable Garden

June vegetable garden update. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at www.thebayougardener.com

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    25 Responses to “June Field Trip – Growing a Vegetable Garden”

    1. webcajun Says:

      Working with about 2 acres right now……. Donald

    2. Hamish121212 Says:

      Do you water often? What is your rainfall per year?

    3. webcajun Says:

      This spring I wasn’t watering at all but since the first of June I’ve been out there just about every day with a watering can. Our average rainfall per year is around 50-60 inches…….. Donald

    4. chemtraildanger Says:

      Beautiful thanks a lot for this inspiring dream. we live in a big ugly city where the markets bring dead food iradiated and non nutritive so watching this was really invigorating.

    5. webcajun Says:

      Thanks……….. Donald

    6. integrityfs Says:

      I think you do a fantastic job putting together your videos. You may have shared but I can’t find it but what is the video software you use?

    7. webcajun Says:

      Adobe Premiere Elements 7 …….. Donald

    8. dogsouth Says:

      Kohlrabi in June in the South?!?! I’ve been sitting on my kohlrabi seeds for the fall. How were they? What zone are you in?

    9. webcajun Says:

      Can’t let em get too big and they’re OK. I’m in Zone 8……… Donald

    10. tanvir1618 Says:

      Nice work u done Donald , realy love to be ur friend . i love gardening.
      Tanvir PAKISTAN

    11. webcajun Says:

      Hey Tanvir … glad you enjoy the videos. Thanks……… Donald

    12. hottlimited Says:

      How do you keep your garden weed free?

    13. webcajun Says:

      Most with the tiller and a sharp hoe…… Donald

    14. egnilk66 Says:

      4:25 Those are some of the, if not THE, largest tomato plants I’ve ever seen. What’s the secret?

    15. webcajun Says:

      Really no secret just stick to the basics. Don’t fall for all the gimmicks out there. That variety is called “Coustralee” and is included in the seed offer on the web site…….. Donald

    16. onyxreddragon Says:

      Very nice plants! Cant wait to see what you do this spring!

    17. webcajun Says:

      @onyxreddragon … well I have the corn, okra, potatoes and purple hull planted. Will soon start planting tomatoes, cucumber, snap beans, peppers and eggplant.

    18. kandoosmith1 Says:

      from oregon,love your videos informative and entertaining,keep them coming!

    19. webcajun Says:

      @kandoosmith1 …Thanks, glad they help……Donald

    20. 231MasseyFerguson Says:

      My God, son!! (lol) What kind of corn is that? Will the G-90 that I planted get that tall??…. Also, this video has answered a question that I asked about planting cucumber and squash on the same row… Thanks.

    21. webcajun Says:

      @231MasseyFerguson …No the G-90 won’t get that big. LOL…..Donald

    22. 231MasseyFerguson Says:

      @webcajun How tall does G-90 get?
      Mine is probably 2 ft. tall (or more) right now. I won’t be able to get back in there and hill or cultivate the corn and 1 of my potato rows. It’s too tall! Thanks

    23. webcajun Says:

      @231MasseyFerguson …it’ll probably go 6-7 feet tall…..Donald

    24. snoopysgreatdoghouse Says:

      Coal-Raw-Bee ^^

    25. webcajun Says:

      @snoopysgreatdoghouse …Thanks, lol……Donald

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