Kelly’s Vegetable Garden May 29, 2010 – Update 2

Hello everyone. This is a quick video update for my garden. Not much to talk about other than massive growth and lots of tomatoes popping out everywhere. I keep getting spinach, lettuce and broccoli because it has been so cool here. Today was our first day in the 80’s and it looks like it’s going to continue for a while which is good news for the garden. My next video should be a lot more interesting because I will have more to talk about. I couldn’t do any upside down garden this year because the fence belongs to my neighbor and he wasn’t too keen on me do it…. so I have decided to do something that I haven’t done before but I have always wanted to. In addition to planting a bunch more things in wine barrel containers, I’m putting together a hydroponic garden. I have been cloning plants for a long time but I thought it would be interesting to start growing them hydroponically and compare the growth using traditional methods. It should be interesting. I will try to do a video of the entire building process so stay tuned. In the meantime, happy gardening. Kelly

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