Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for Your Backyard Space

The Lowe’s Creative Ideas team shows viewers how to make the most of their backyard space with inspiring landscaping and gardening ideas. For more videos like this one, visit

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    25 Responses to “Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for Your Backyard Space”

    1. MaitreTsu Says:

      I love her hair .. i’m going to die mine white? 😀

    2. Buccaneerfan13 Says:

      too much energy, yall need some? muscle relaxers.

    3. trose111156 Says:

      Need more information on plants and hard scape. Love the side walk but would like more info on how? to recreate it.

    4. EdenASL Says:

      i like it but the yard is huge – why make such a small patio? everyone looks cramped on there. also the path on the side of the house makes me think she is going? to be dodging plants all the time as she is walking through

    5. 68NYC2 Says:

      Not? much in unison but ithe deas help.

    6. 68NYC2 Says:



      she? is tall and pretty for an older women

    8. TimboH66 Says:

      @HEEEEEEEEHAA yes they are isn’t she?

    9. NashvilleLandscaping Says:

      Great ideas. ?

    10. janeharrisonuk Says:

      Want a unique japenese garden that your whole family can enjoy ?

      My friends and neighbours can’t stop complimenting me and the kids are finally off the playstation!

      It took me 30 minutes each week and? gave me some much needed exercise, changing my life.

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    11. matthehat99 Says:

      1.54 looks? great

    12. diylandscaping Says:

      Great blend of? colors, love the seat wall.

    13. JasonB52 Says:

      Great video!? Check out my new channel for ideas on fun landscape plants!

    14. mjhmobileservices Says:

      Great ideas! I did a few projects this? summer and I used this cool app for my measurements. I thought I would share! You can get it at on the Android market under Landscaping Calculator Pro.

    15. ccelli73 Says:

      I”m looking for ideas for my small, yet very cute back yard. I don’t want to jump into a project? too fast, because I realized that I need to plan everything beforehand. Lowe’s is definitely a great place to help in planning your projects. Thanks for the tips:D!

    16. unque43 Says:

      great ideals.?

    17. CorsairRAM Says:

      Some cool ideas? there.

    18. eathealthyagain Says:

      Thank you! From a? healthy landscaper. Eat healthy again.

    19. mreast002 Says:

      Sometimes when I’m alone, I hide in my neighbors garden and pretend? I’m a carrot.

    20. dayspeace Says:

      this are wonderful ideas and tip. great job.?

    21. iampeeay01 Says:

      What an? amazing transformation!!! keep it up!!

    22. PolymathAndHistories Says:

      @mreast002 that’s funny ?

    23. BackyardDiscovery Says:

      These are some? great ideas!

    24. viddean Says:

      I am really impressed with the ideas? that you share in this video. Good work!

    25. iLOVENATURE2011 Says:

      edifying video… the landscaper knows the job well…?

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