Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Home Gardeners 50% at Your Local Hardware Store

John from shares with you a coupon that will save you 50% off any item under at a local hardware store, that is valid 12/17 only. Also in this episode you will learn about two items John purchased last time they had the 50% off deal.. Including Corona Pruners and Orange Guard, Johns favorite natural ant spray. This deal is now expired.

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    20 Responses to “Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Home Gardeners 50% at Your Local Hardware Store”

    1. rawcrave Says:

      We use to go to Ace? hardware all the time. I had no idea they had one here. Thanks

    2. aRawLifestyle Says:

      Love coupons and sales! Ive? got good deals at ace with coupons, clearance and sales

    3. dianemummvideos Says:

      yeah to local small businesses.. thanks John for saying that! their businesses really needs us.. ants and aphids do? go hand in hand.. aphids one of the worst pest in my greenhouse.. coupons are always nice this time of year..

    4. apaulanarius Says:

      I just called my local Ace and they said they had their coupon day two weeks ago. Bummer, never saw the email from them. I will try the matching? deal at Lowe’s though. Thanks for the heads up, John.

    5. ghostchaser13 Says:

      Thanks? John –once again I’ll be going to Ace Hardware to buy something I REALLY need! lol

    6. FreedomFox1 Says:

      Ron Paul 2012 – Let’s GROW? our Freedom!

    7. GospelTruth37059 Says:

      I called my ace and they told me it was last week here ? Oh well: about right for around here lol. I appreciate the heads up tho, I got on their e-mail? list so maybe Ill catch the next one.

    8. MIgardener Says:

      Dear john,
      I asked about my tomato plant growing endevour last Q&A video. I asked if you thought it would be smart to grow tomatoes that I knew would produce or if it was smart to grow lots variety. because I need tons of produce, and I would like to help run a local movement for tasting exotic varieties of tomato, plus i plan to sell them to a gourmet eatery, plus loads for my family! but im not sure how some will do,? i want to plant several plants as well, to increase my yield, thanks John!!

    9. NotWatching666999 Says:

      My local ACE hardware? sells Fox Farm products now. The link is dead already, guess they had to remove it 🙁

    10. NotWatching666999 Says:

      @MIgardener? Grow all types you can. Variety is the spice of life

    11. MIgardener Says:

      @NotWatching666999? I have limited spce though…..

    12. MsKarenrankin Says:

      Cool coupon Jon thanks. I called my local Ace they tried to refuse it b\c they are a Westlake Ace, after I told him nicely that I intended on taking it to lowes he? found a way to be able to take it.

    13. NotWatching666999 Says:

      @MIgardener How much? space in gallons? I find the larger Variety’s need 15+ gallon of good dirt to have a good harvest. Smaller ones like cherry’s and yellow pears can have a high yield in smaller 3 gallon and 4 gallons pots. So if you have grow out a few larger ones and a few smaller ones. I love beef steak but still like munching on a hand full of cherry or yellow pears toms.

    14. rubbernecker13 Says:

      Thanks? John!

    15. growingyourgreens Says:

      I? just updated the link.

    16. Praxxus55712 Says:

      I can’t spend too much time in my local hardware store. I tend to start getting ideas and buy too much. The day I see 3M spray foam insulation on sale I’m going to lose my mind and buy a truckload………oh and some seeds.? 🙂

    17. leapingfroglady Says:

      Thanks for the tips? and great savings.

    18. Liendelou Says:

      @growingyourgreens I have railroad ties, can I use these to make a raised bed garden? I know they have chemicals on them so could I put some kind of plastic sheeting? on the inside for protection?

    19. growingyourgreens Says:

      I personally would NOT use railroad ties to build a garden. They are treated with some nasty chemicals and? I would be concerned with leaching. You could line them with plastic or swimming pool liner (best), but over time, the plastic will degrade and the swimming pool liner can get expensive.. So I would recommend selling the railroad ties and purchasing something else for to build your raised beds.

    20. BackyardDiscoveryCo Says:

      Great? ideas! Thanks for sharing

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