Louisiana Crawfish Boil – May 2011 – The Vegetable Garden

Paul and Paige called and said let’s eat some crawfish for supper. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana Cajun Country

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    25 Responses to “Louisiana Crawfish Boil – May 2011 – The Vegetable Garden”

    1. webcajun Says:

      @lotzoso …I’d say those averaged medium to large…….Donald

    2. rlmccullough Says:

      @webcajun I am planning now. I lived in Vernon Parish at LaCamp.

    3. KingRyltar Says:

      OH YUM!!!
      Looked like good eats!!
      Mouth Watering even LOL

    4. webcajun Says:

      @KingRyltar …Hoping to eat some more before the season is finished……..Donald

    5. LazyD45 Says:


    6. webcajun Says:

      @LazyD45 …Yes they were…….Donald

    7. LazyD45 Says:

      you know, there is just something about sitting by the bayou in LA eating them that makes them taste soooo good….I remember a serving of 5 lbs of crawfish boiled with onion, potatoes and corn on a cardboard beer flat….in Calcasieu Parish, LA..just not the same eating them anywhere else….maybe it is listening to the stories that go along with the eats! I lived in Lake Charles for a couple years and loved the life there……..enjoy!

    8. webcajun Says:

      @LazyD45 …A crawfish boil is like a big party lots of fun and good eats. They are becoming expensive though, even in Louisiana……Donald

    9. TnWormsCastings Says:

      yuck lol

    10. webcajun Says:

      @TnWormsCastings …good yuck. lol…..Donald

    11. soulshakedown909 Says:

      ya’ll are blessed. truly blessed. stay well all.

    12. webcajun Says:

      @soulshakedown909 …Thanks……Donald

    13. tastycajun0381 Says:

      those things are so fresh

    14. tastycajun0381 Says:

      @webcajun When I grew up in new orleans, they were 69 cents per pound

    15. wmkk808 Says:

      one of the things I still talk about are the crawfish festivals I used to attend while stationed in Biloxi,Mississippi.. Oh the joy

    16. webcajun Says:

      @wmkk808 …Lots of fun and good eating……Donald

    17. SidewinderFF Says:

      mmmm gooood stuff !!!

    18. webcajun Says:

      @SidewinderFF …yes it is. lol….Donald

    19. medicjimr Says:

      That looked Good , The last time I was in LA I was a month late from craw fish season missed out , I at least got to eat some gator

    20. webcajun Says:

      @medicjimr …I would say May is prime crawfish season. I like the fried gator…..Donald

    21. medicjimr Says:

      @webcajun I was down in Rodgers la middle of june a few years back nothing so had me some gumbo and gator frog legs definite good eats

    22. busvlogger Says:

      I just got back from visiting my in-laws in LaPlace, LA. We had some crawfish while down there. Watching this video, I can almost taste it again!!!

    23. webcajun Says:

      @busvlogger …That’s some good eating…..Donald

    24. conman2317 Says:

      the vein is the most tasty parrt

    25. webcajun Says:

      @conman2317 … not too sure about that. lol……Donald

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