Mother's day in the hospital.Help! Need fun ideas to mark the occasion?

This is going to be a very special mother’s day and I don’t want it to be a bad one.My mother is hospitalized and struggling with cancer. It could be our last mother’s day and I want to do something beyond balloons and flowers. My siblings and I want to make something original that she will enjoy but she cannot leave her bed and there are doctors and nurses coming in and out of the room all the time (no privacy). Baking or cooking aren’t options because she cannot eat and as much as she loves dancing and singing it isn’t going to be possible. She enjoys being read to,but we do that everyday.

Here are some things my mother likes:
Old hollywood movies.
Taking pictures and professional photography.
Doing people’s hair (she doesn’t have hair right now).
Plastic arts.
Fashion and accessories.
Getting her nails done but she doesn’t have good nails for manicures right now.
Exotic teas and coffee.
Uh, the color red.

Please help us.I am not the creative mind of the group but I want to get something special organized with time so it will be perfect and my mom will enjoy herself.

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    3 Responses to “Mother's day in the hospital.Help! Need fun ideas to mark the occasion?”

    1. Late Girl Says:

      Hi, there. 🙂

      First off, I am so sorry that your Mom is struggling with cancer. She’ll be in my prayers!

      Anyway, I have a few ideas for you. You should combine some of the things your mom likes the best. Buy a whole bunch of Old-Hollywood type clothes, quotes, etc. Get hairstyle guides (and a wig for her) and let her make your hairstyles all old-Hollywood style. See if you can get your hand on a whole bunch of red lipstick. Put it on, and if you have any male siblings, make them wear bright red ties. After you’re all dressed up and made up, make her wear a wig, take a few pictures with HER; then let her take a whole bunch of pictures of you guys. Stage it. Be all dolled up! Look up some classic scenes from old movies and see if you can recreate them. Then, when you’re all done, if you have Photoshop skills, you could make the photos in all black-and-white-except for red lips and ties. 😛 When you’re done with all that, print those out and make a scrapbook or a collage. Print out Marilyn Monroe quotes (or any other ‘old Hollywood’ actor quotes) and put them on their alongside all the pictures. Make sure the group picture (you, your siblings, and your mom together in a photo) is the center of the piece.

      Also, you should get her fake nails. 🙂 Bring her a gift basket of exotic tea and make it right there in the hospital room with her! You could play up on a British-style thing, since the Royal Wedding is all over the news right now. 🙂

      I hope your Mom has a wonderful Mother’s Day.

      God bless!

      -Not Late One

    2. Claire Ellis Says:

      perhaps you could put together a book of all of the things she loves; like dried flowers, her favorite old hollywood actresses/actors, tea bags,hair accesories, pictures of chess pieces, etc. arrange them scrapbook like so she will always be reminded of happy memories when she sees it, and it will also remind her how much you and your siblings love her, and how much she loves you. i hope this helped you, and i wish you, your siblings, and your mother the best of luck=)

    3. Jackie Says:

      Buy her a really cute wig. Let her do her hair and everyone elses hair. Dress up (maybe in old hollywood style), do your guys’ nails (buy her fake ones), and then get a professional photographer to come in and take pictures of you all ( or get a nurse to take the pictures if you cant get a professional to come to the hospital). And get her a really cute plant. Lots of stores have really cool small plants right now that have different colors of sand and rocks in them, and litttle rocks with words engraved on them ( get something that says like hope, love, or family)

      hope this helps, and good luck to your mom and your family.

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