My koi fishes in indoor aquarium to be transferred in outdoor pond?

I have 5 small koi fishes (3 & 4 cm. now) staying in my indoor aquarium with filters and aerator. My question is will they be affected much if I transfer them after six months in my currently being upgraded garden pond? The pond is at least a meter deep and 3x5meters wide with waterfall. I live in South Africa and we have mild weathers here. Thanks.

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    3 Responses to “My koi fishes in indoor aquarium to be transferred in outdoor pond?”

    1. Rob S Says:

      yes they should be fine, as the fish are indoors only move them on a mild day. float the koi in bags on the pond with aquarium water in them for an hour to slowly acclimatize the fish to the new temp, add small amounts of the pond water to the bags over the hour (say 20% at a time) this will reduce any stress to the fish and make them less likely to disease.
      when floating bags on the pond make sure they are sheltered from direct sun light, otherwise the bags will warm up to quickly effectively boiling the fish. keep a close eye on your fish for the first few weeks for signs of disease and act quickly if there is any signs. fin rot is quiet common when fish get stressed through moving them to new enviroments. if your fish are healthy they should move outdoors without any probs.

    2. jennifer s Says:

      should be happier outside in a "natural" setting

    3. Bilson Says:

      When you transfer them, keep them in a plastic bag full of the water from the indoor aquarium and put it into the pond. After a few days, them temperature will have gradually evened out and there shouldn’t be any reason for the fish to suffer any shock from the change. Then add a few pin holes in the bag to allow the different waters to merge.

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