October Field Trip – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Join us on the October Field Trip of the vegetable garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at www.thebayougardener.com

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    25 Responses to “October Field Trip – Growing a Vegetable Garden”

    1. ivankinsman Says:

      Good beets – we grow a lot and they always do well in Poland (as do potatoes adn cabbages). We use the long variety – as to the round – and find they do much better. Those are weird looking vines! Do u cover your compost pile with dark plastic – some people recommend it,,,

    2. kevinw3891 Says:

      Donald, I haven’t watched ALL your videos but I’ve watched about 40 of em. I’m a little bit confused about when and where the worms come in to play. I’m also a little confused about what that tea is for, is it a kind of fertilizer? Keep up the good work sir, you really do have the best videos on youtube.

    3. webcajun Says:

      It could be the variety of beet but I think the worm case tea has a lot to do with it also. The plants you saw in the video are now almost twice a big.

      I don’t cover my compost pile. I start it in the spring and use it the next spring…….. Donald

    4. webcajun Says:

      From what I can understand …. worm casting is some of the best plant food you can use. It contains tons of nutrients and benifical microorganisms for your soil. Making the worm cast tea promotes the growth of the microorganisms, they multiply like crazy.

      Not only do you apply the tea to the base of the plant but you can also pour it on the plant to cover the leaves. Claims are it discourages both the bugs and disease……… Donald

    5. SevereIDAHO Says:

      Another great video Don. Really enjoyed watching. Amazing how tall those Tomatoes are. Happy gardening. =)

    6. webcajun Says:

      I looked at em today, between rains, and I have one in the center that’s got to be close to 6 ft. tall. Not many tomatoes but lots of plant…….. Donald

    7. crewlla Says:

      I love watching your videos especaily when we have had snow for the last two weeks. LOLOLOL now the weather man is calling for rain this weekend. Wish I was there help you on your farm. best wishes. 🙂

    8. webcajun Says:

      We’ve been getting rain for over a month now. Too wet to get into the graden so can’t harvest anything nor can I do any weeding. Starting to look bad out there……. Donald

    9. powerspade Says:

      I dont know why but I just cannot grow beetroot, I sow as per instructions on the packet, in good loam soil, but nothing ever comes, I dont know what I am doing wrong?

    10. webcajun Says:

      I try to cover my beet seed approx 1/2 inch deep. Keep them watered until they start coming up. Check out the “September Field Trip” on my Web Site. It’s an extended version of the YouTube video and towards the end I show how I plant my beets…….. Donald

    11. Pete389a Says:

      wow thats a nice row of beets!

    12. webcajun Says:

      I should be pulling em soon……. Donald

    13. ladychewbacca Says:

      thanks, loved it!

    14. webcajun Says:

      You’re welcome…….. Donald

    15. bobinmissouri Says:

      how do you make them cabage balls do u tie the leafs?

    16. webcajun Says:

      They do it all on their own……….. Donald

    17. nonoy6961 Says:

      Hey Donald> My wife and I watch your videos all the time to learn how to grow our own garden. I want all the veggies I cab get, so watching you thin that squash looks counter productive. Do you need to thin your crop, and why? Thanks Rich from Chico, CA

    18. webcajun Says:

      @nonoy6961 … Hey Rich, I usually plant more seed than I need to insure I get at least a couple to come up. If you don’t thin the extras they’ll compete for nutrients. If you plant just what you need and space them out properly, there will be no need for thinning……. Donald

    19. trigerboyy Says:

      donald, did you just said “kumusta ba?” on your welcome note? well that’s a filipino word!! means how are you!! i like your style donald, filipinos like me always watch your videos,we are learning a lot from your gardening tips.

    20. trigerboyy Says:

      …and,is it still ok to plant okra this time of the year from seeds?? i live in arizona. and does okra plant survive winter temp?

    21. webcajun Says:

      @trigerboyy … it’s French and pretty much means the same thing……Donald

    22. webcajun Says:

      @trigerboyy … okra loves hot weather so it’s probably way to late to plant now……..Donald

    23. Athrunwong Says:

      Harvest Moon in real life.

    24. ASFx2600 Says:

      Donald, when you grow the tomatoes in the cages, do you keep the branches growing up inside the cage, or do you let it just grow how it wants? Thanks.

    25. webcajun Says:

      @ASFx2600 … I try to keep them inside the cage but with the larger plants it’s almost impossible……Donald

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