Pickling Beets – January 2010 – Growing a Vegetable Garden

Harvesting, cleaning and pickling beets. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at www.thebayougardener.com

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    25 Responses to “Pickling Beets – January 2010 – Growing a Vegetable Garden”

    1. webcajun Says:

      @renagade12 … it’s part of the water bath canning method and it’s what seals the lids………Donald

    2. renagade12 Says:

      thank you Donald

      Vaughn keep up the videos and please check out mine!

    3. cliffandmelanie Says:

      hi there…I have been all over the internet trying to find a way to make pickled beets from my garden….I came across your video. I watched and followed your directions from beginning to end…I want to thank you so much for your clear and easy way of making pickled beets…will be watching all your videos now..as I am a city girl turned farm girl…lol

    4. webcajun Says:

      @cliffandmelanie … Once you see it done it really is pretty simple. Glad you enjoyed the video……..Donald

    5. bsprout3 Says:

      Doing beets today. Thanks for the video> I had a couple of questions but you answered them all. Always look forward to your videos. Thanks again. Ron

    6. webcajun Says:

      @bsprout3 … Hey Ron, let us know how they come out……Donald

    7. Mr2wings Says:

      Where did you get that stainless steel pot with the insert?
      Please let me know.

    8. webcajun Says:

      @Mr2wings … just about any big box hardware should sell em. The medium size pot is for frying turkeys and the large pot is for boiling crawfish…….. Donald

    9. Morningwhispers Says:

      did u sterilize these inside and why not add picked salt or spice compared to other recipes just curious — yrs look so simple right now I am frustrated another recipe I followed that I am ready to quit

    10. webcajun Says:

      @Morningwhispers … guess you could add other seasonings but this is the way I was brought up eating em. Most important, my grandkids love em this way. Try out this recipe and see what you think. I like eating them cold, right out the frig……Donald

    11. itsjustme72 Says:

      so it dont bleed

    12. mindy2215 Says:

      Nice of you to share this information. Easy and well explained!

    13. webcajun Says:

      @mindy2215 … it is simple and they taste real good………Donald

    14. walt121 Says:

      cook does greens,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mmmmmmm

    15. KentuckyRebels Says:

      Donald another great video. Have you made a video on making chow chow? Those who are not from the south call it southern or dixie relish. I hope you and your love ones had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year’s. Thanks.

    16. webcajun Says:

      @KentuckyRebels … hadn’t done anything on Chow Chow but I will keep it in mind. Glad you enjoy the videos……….Donald

    17. Cashis4life Says:

      Great video, as always!

      How long do pickled/canned vegetables store for before going bad?

    18. webcajun Says:

      @Cashis4life … it’s my understanding that after a year the contents begins to lose some of it’s flavor. ….Donald

    19. m96c40 Says:

      Does this pickling solution work with other vegetables as well?

    20. webcajun Says:

      @m96c40 …may want to leave out the sugar and add pickling spice….Donald

    21. m96c40 Says:

      @webcajun Got it. Thank you.

    22. bjornjj83 Says:

      this is terrific! I was too little when my Grandmother was teaching me all her recipes, and one of my favorites was her beet pickles. All I have however is the recipe- SO THANKYOU so much for being detailed in the jarring process and the preping process. Im hooked on all your videos now!

    23. webcajun Says:

      @bjornjj83 …Glad it helped out and you’re welcome……Donald

    24. TheWholefoodfarmacy Says:

      Very nice vidio awesome

    25. deasttn Says:

      My beets are about ready to harvest, although mine must be a different variety than yours because my beet leaves are green (gonna have to cook dem, too). I might just have to try your recipe.

      Love me dem black waterdogs. Me and mine are working on our Master Hunter title.

      Thanks for posting.

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