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In our ever expanding raised bed gardeing projects, we’re expanding our north garden area and prepping the area for 4 more 4′ x 10′ raised beds. Now that all the materials have been delivered it’s time to build and install our new raised beds. Take a peek at what we accomplished in 6 hours moving over 9000 pounds of soil, humus, peat moss, and course gravel.

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    8 Responses to “Raised Bed Gardening – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 262.avi”

    1. chelashe Says:

      Wonderful ideas? Thank you

    2. dkulikowski Says:

      Do you plan on cutting down the pine? trees that are butted up to your raised beds? Maybe you could use them for your Christmas tree. The raised beds look great. Happy veggie gardening and good luck. Is it cost effective to buy topsoil by the bag? Wouldn’t it be less expensive buying a yard or two?

    3. WisconsinGarden Says:

      Hi Lark, Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, those pine trees could be quite prickly! Will cut the odd looking one and trim? up the other two. Cost-wise it is very comparable, but mostly it’s more strategic to move bags rather than wheel-barrowing and dumping in the areas we have available for planting.

    4. WisconsinGarden Says:

      Thanks for your comment.? Lynn

    5. condor198364 Says:

      What kind of wood is that from Home Depot. Is? it treated wood?

    6. 2Bibleppl Says:

      It all looks great Lynn.? Everyone worked hard and it shows. Thanks for sharing. Ann

    7. WisconsinGarden Says:

      Thanks,? Ann.

    8. WisconsinGarden Says:

      Yes, it treated with? copper. We used it on the other beds and have been pleased with the results. Seems that copper treated wood is safe to use for gardens. Thanks for visiting and asking. Lynn

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