Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Install from Start to Finish

John from www.growingyourgreens.com shows you from start to finish how to take an abandoned backyard space and transform it into a edible vegetable garden. In this episode, you will learn most everything you will need to know to start growing your food. You will discover the process that John goes through to select the best soil, build the raised beds, layout the raised beds, plant the raised beds and even install the drip irrigation system with a timer. This project took about 2 days to complete. Including 1 day sourcing all materials, and 1 day putting it all together.

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    25 Responses to “Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Install from Start to Finish”

    1. tribulus82 Says:


    2. googlesbitch Says:

      Remind viewers on videos that an economic depression is brewing and is getting worst. Time to encourage them to grow victory gardens to fight off inflation, a strong incentive for them to get off their duff. Necessity is a strong motivator to get people to grown their own food.

    3. apensiil Says:

      isn’t some kind of multch reasonable to use there? this wind can dry the soil very quickly but mulch can keep the soil moist.

    4. srqhiker Says:

      John, thanks for the awesome work you do putting out these videos!!!

    5. aunthill167 Says:

      One question: I finally found rock dust in my area (Ontario Canada)!! But unfortunately I have already planted a lot of my beds for the year, can I add it in late? Maybe under each plant and just rake it in?

    6. growingyourgreens Says:

      Yes, you can top dress. Add it about 1 pound per 1 square foot, and then water it in.

    7. tribulus82 Says:

      Hi John. Just curious if I ever visited the USA from my home in Australia would you be interested in giving my wife and I a tour of your world famous garden.
      Kind regards
      David and Michelle

    8. wantabuy Says:

      I also live in Ontario….where did you find the rock dust??

    9. aunthill167 Says:

      @wantabuy Ontario Hydroponics in Owen Sound, he had to order it in from Gaia Green.

    10. growingyourgreens Says:

      In general, I do not offer tours to viewers, as I would have a second full time job. That being said, I do take “special requests” so email me privately if you ever have the dates you are coming to America.

    11. jmoniezgirl Says:

      I love watching you out there working. I like the passion you have and inspiration you give. Please keep the videos coming! xoxo

    12. IWantSoundKnowledge Says:


    13. LawnsAreDumb Says:

      Thanks so much for the drip irrigation info! The whole video was fabulous!!! Thanks for all you put into it!

    14. jgfergus Says:

      If you are in the GTA you can buy rock dust from Global Repair in Toronto. I have ordered bags of their Rich Valley which is rock dust. I pick it up in the Beaches. They have a website, or you can call them at 1-866-271-0719.

    15. bray0671 Says:

      Question John did you get all those products in las Vegas? I live in las Vegas and can not find rock dust or coconut substitute

    16. growingyourgreens Says:

      Most of the products were sourced in vegas. The rock dust was sourced in California, as was the coconut coir. Hydroponic shops should have the coconut coir. On the rock dust. Might have to get it from utah. Azomite*com

    17. melissam0ss Says:

      Loved this informative video! (had to laugh when you first started to wrestle with that $10.00 raised bed kit…what a way to start the morning! lol)

    18. loygreen Says:

      warm water makes the coir expand quicker

    19. SalmonSlayer1991 Says:

      is this video 1 hr 11 min?!!!! my computer woulld take ALL night to load that!!! this is by far your longest vid!

    20. UnbelieveableyBored Says:

      I have been watching your videos since day one man. I have learned so much from you and I thank you for it. This is better than watching any “cable” garden channel because it is down to earth and real. Thank you for all the awesome videos and thank you for teaching me soo much about gardening! Keep making videos!

    21. newgtguy Says:

      I must tell you John, your videos are just so good. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable knowledge with us.

    22. 3xslady Says:

      Great vid John this was very helpful. I’m trying to install my drip irrigation to my raised beds. I have a question about figuring out the south facing sun. I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of years now. how do you know what’s north, south east and west sun? I’m sure it’s easy but i just don’t know how to do it. Do you face your house etc.? Maybe you can answer my question while dismonstrating in a vid.. I have searched online and still don’t understand. Thanks in advance!

    23. photactor Says:

      You never cease to amaze me! Thanks for being so giving of yourself, and being so dedicated to “doing the right thing” and helping others do it as well. You are just the kind of person I want to spend my time watching. All the best to you.

    24. tkdartistmom Says:

      wouldn’t it be easier and less expensive to call a soil/landscaping place? That’s what we did and paid 60 bucks for 3 cubic yards of good composted gardening soil.

    25. loui0008 Says:

      Fantastic, great info, John!

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