Shoveling Compost to Enrich your Vegetable Garden

John from goes on a field trip to Sonoma Compost, which is where he sources the majority of the organic compost he uses in his garden. In this episode, you will learn the best source of compost in Sonoma County. You will also see what they are growing in their test garden, and how to load compost into bags so you don’t need a truck.

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    25 Responses to “Shoveling Compost to Enrich your Vegetable Garden”

    1. digdugdiggy Says:

      @susannamcintyre This is a legitimate concern. Some pesticides do not decompose, and will cause problems in the garden. Community compost locations are not usually the best place to buy from, especially if they freely accept yard trimmings.

    2. hguyw Says:

      I think, with the proliferation of mulching mowers, that grass clippings are probably a relatively small percentage of the materials that go into municipal compost. I would guess that the bulk of the materials are brush and tree trimmings both from private homeowners and town, city and state crews that trim and clean up after storms.

    3. chova23 Says:

      Question: I understand that you just add compost and other things like glacial dust to your gardens without removing the existing soil, but if you do this a couple times a year, doesn’t it all add up? Don’t you eventually have to remove some in order to make room for the new? Thanks, and this was a great video!

    4. cndoorack9 Says:

      @growingyourgreens can u please do a video on growing onions? I can never get mine to grow! Thanks.

    5. growingyourgreens Says:

      the soil in the raised beds settle over time. I never compress it. over a growing season, it may drop 1″ – 2″ . If I wasnt growing in beds, I would mound out soil onto the old.

    6. growingyourgreens Says:

      $1.25 per bag. Thats a good deal. Yes, I get the mallard plus, which is their green compost plus compsted features, manure and rice hulls.

    7. growingyourgreens Says:

      Yes. That can be a concern. Sonoma Compost tests their soil to ensure it can be used in organic agriculture, so it is OMRI certified. So if it can be used in organic production, its good enough for me. Of course, you want to do the BEST you can. This is the best I can do at this time, so Im going with it.

    8. m081779 Says:

      John, what happened to your little trailer? That thing was probably worth it’s weight in gold to not have to bag it up!

    9. humanlaunchpad Says:

      another great vid! You say that you add compost twice a season. do you also add compost tea? how often? and how much compost are you adding (2-3 inches)?

    10. Tanyia48 Says:

      I just have to know what kind of shoes you are wearing and where did you get them? I have seen them in some of your other videos. Will have to see if my town does this, AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    11. jazz61021 Says:

      Hi! Just shoveled out my own compost to line my tomato holes!

    12. phantomcreamer Says:

      @martilindsey I feel the same way. That’s why it’s so crucial to do on site composting. Vermiculture, probably being the number one method for breaking down fast and providing the best plant nutrition.

    13. sfpiggy Says:

      john I live in sonoma county and have purchased compost from sonoma compost. I used the feather -lite amended soil. Is it better to use the mallard plus over the feather -lite?

    14. Praxxus55712 Says:

      Nice to see you getting dirty John! If you’re not filthy dirty, you’re not gardening right. πŸ™‚

    15. Illchangeitlater Says:

      @chova23 plants “use up” the soil. Trust me, they really “eat it up”, the compost and rockdust level will just drop. Stuff doesn’t come from nothing, the minerals are used up and such to “build the plants” you could say.

    16. Richard5sf Says:

      You work so hard but you make it look so easy!! Thanks for your videos!!

    17. clarissamck Says:

      @growingyourgreens That’s exactly what I do too John. It just sinks down and good thing too because then we can add all those amendments and enrich it and keep the soil nutrient dense. Love it! Keep bringing the great videos! I have learned much from you especially with the soil info. Now I will have optimum food. πŸ™‚ God Bless!

    18. clarissamck Says:

      John, How can we find if a place like this exsists in our area? This is awesome. I know there are nurseries that have the bulk soil but have not seen compost! That’s great because even though we have a composter, it’s not enough for all the beds and pots we have.

    19. LawnsAreDumb Says:

      Wonderful video! I am sooo with you on getting physical exercise in the garden instead of a gym! And you end up with the good food to eat in the end too! It’s a win win!

    20. lionel030303 Says:

      I get mine from Oceanside’s (San Diego County) I have the concern as well but at the same time it’s free to Oceanside residents…Hard to beat that. But I have not seem to have any problems so far and some people thei
      r have been using it for years and love it…we shall see. Better then GMO

    21. StatenIslandSlim Says:

      Hey John what is your take on BioDynamic composting it is 100% organic right & have you watched any videos on it?

    22. ArizonaAdventures Says:

      @chova23 with organic mulch, top dressings etc., you’d be surprised at how quickly it breaks down and decomposes.

    23. pIants2010 Says:

      Nice Shoes!

    24. naomibuss Says:

      I have been a professional landscaper for over twelve years and also an avid organic gardener. One thing to watch out for with operations like this is that if they get their debris from landscapers and people dumping, there is no way to regulate the amount of pesticide, herbicide residues coming in from those sources. I find it much better to make my own, or connect with someone locally who makes it for sale or trade.

    25. zekehooper Says:

      I thought john had a pick-up or a small utilaty trailer to haul stuff around? If you don’t you should get one with all the stuff you do.

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