Top 10 Most Popular Urban Organic Gardener Posts of 2011

There were over 150 posts on Urban Organic Gardener in 2011. Do I really have that much to say?! Since it’s December, I’ve decided to share with you the most popular ones for the year based on your votes. You didn’t really vote, but you kinda of did by checking out these articles. This list is compiled strictly from my analytics based on how many times a page was viewed. I won’t get into the speculation and reasons why I think they are so popular. I will let you do that. Here they are… For more information, please visit

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    6 Responses to “Top 10 Most Popular Urban Organic Gardener Posts of 2011”

    1. xangilax Says:

      buy non GMO seeds?

    2. GospelTruth37059 Says:

      The one about selfwatering containers?

    3. CanarsieBK Says:

      @xangilax Thanks. That was a? popular one.

    4. CanarsieBK Says:

      @GospelTruth37059 Glad you liked…?

    5. 8drewski Says:

      no gmo seeds wouldnt want my kids to? look like the test rats that ate gmo food after 2 generations

    6. CanarsieBK Says:

      @8drewski I wouldn’t want that for your? kids either.

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