Vegetable Garden Fall Garden – Part 3

Vegetable Garden Planting cabbage and Lettuce in the fall vegetable garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Cajun Country in South Louisiana at

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    25 Responses to “Vegetable Garden Fall Garden – Part 3”

    1. evcrawfish Says:

      another outstanding video sir,,,, well done… i hope you have a bumper crop,,, finished puttin dirt in my tin raised bed today… will plant in the morning, hopefully

    2. soul71 Says:

      Nice Furrow form!! Great posture and stamina!!! I say a perfect ten!!! Honestly.. You really need your own show. You have the talent. You are a natural. Thanks for your videos


    3. Blinkazoid Says:

      Lookin’ good! Hopefully you don’t have any gullywasher rains. I don’t think it would take too much to wash those tiny seeds away.

    4. webcajun Says:

      The unit comes in handy when pulling a few hundred feet of water hose.

    5. webcajun Says:

      I watched your video the other day and your setup looks real good, may keep some of those rabbits out as well. Need to do a video when your stuff comes up. Hope we both have a mild winter and make tons of vegetables. LOL

    6. webcajun Says:

      I had been in the garden all day and by the time I shot that video my butt was dragging. Me being so short it didnt have far to go. My own show? What would I call it? Maybe I will get discovered one day before I get too old. LOL

    7. webcajun Says:

      Hopefully that furrow would keep them in place. I have a pretty good mix of sand and clay soil which drains fairly well. But as you say a gully washer could do some damage. Could even damage plants that are already up, Ive seen that happen before.

    8. AnneMarie96 Says:

      Love the watering system.

    9. webcajun Says:

      It is very mobile.

    10. gardenmagik Says:

      Donald, you have the best videos!! Now Im gonna run out and plant my lettuce- i will look for the Green Towers Romaine!..
      Ive planted my collards, broccolli, cauliflower and cabbages… 5 stars again!

    11. webcajun Says:

      Thanks Melissa Park Seed has the Green Tower lettuce. The onions are up and looking pretty good. If you are anyone out there knows how long it will be before the bulbs are large enough to transplant please let me know. Right now the tops are about 3-4 inches tall.

    12. gardenmagik Says:

      Usually the seeds of onions are planted in spring around here, GA, b/c it takes about 6 months for it to be a mature bulb- and we plant bulblets in the fall. But it sounds good so far with 3 or 4 inches of top growth(which is important for the bulb to become mature later)… they might be small bulbs this time but dont give up on em! They will probably be ready to pull at 6 or 7 inches tall, but wont be as strong tasting, since the bulb will be immature… which variety did you plant?

    13. webcajun Says:

      Hoping to have the bulbs large enough to dig up and transplant by January / February. They are the same kind I planted from bulbs last year “Candy”. I love those 1+ lb. onions. Thanks for the info.

    14. gardenmagik Says:

      I believe they will be turn out great! Great variety too! and you are welcome… !

    15. CandelarioGaIvan Says:

      My aunt use to have a dog just like that when I was a little boy back in 1983.

    16. webcajun Says:

      That was Lucy. She is part Lab, part monkey and part thief. I will sure be glad when she gets out of that puppy stage…… Donald

    17. ELHIEGER1 Says:

      What a well behaved dog! I had to make a picket fence to keep my dog away. Last year I lost a couple pumpkin and cantaloupe plants because of the pup. Great videos.

    18. webcajun Says:

      Believe me she was just checking out what she’ll destroy or eat next. If I dig in the garden, she digs in the garden. If she sees me harvesting something, she wants to do the same. A couple of weeks ago she ate 2 heads of Broccoli. I have a bucket of pecans in my shop, she will come in and steal one at a time and go eat them in the yard. She’s comical at times but can become a pest real quick. Very nosy too…… Donald

    19. ytvman Says:

      how do u plant do u have a small seeder or do u plant them 1 by 1?

    20. webcajun Says:

      In this video I was using a homemade hand seeder made from pvc pipe. I spaced the seeds best I could then thinned the plants out once they came up……. Donald

    21. tinkygarden1878 Says:

      What are the advantages to planting in such large hills?

    22. webcajun Says:

      When we get a real heavy rain the plants stay out of the water. In dry spells the under side of the row stays moist longer……. Donald

    23. bullittkid Says:

      to be continued… ok my crops will die… i can’t find part 4

    24. driverain2 Says:

      thank you so much for sharing your wisdom……..watchin in east texas…………….

    25. webcajun Says:

      Just a country boy playing in the dirt ……. Donald

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