Vegetable Garden Mustard Green Harvesting and Freezing

Vegetable Garden Harvesting and freezing mustard green. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at

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    25 Responses to “Vegetable Garden Mustard Green Harvesting and Freezing”

    1. webcajun Says:

      My approach to gardening is “keep it simple”. Thanks and you’re welcome…… Donald

    2. blacksmithtech Says:

      Donald – love the videos!

      What is that harvest machete you use on the greens??

      Never seen one like it – Thanks for the info –

    3. webcajun Says:

      It’s called a “Cane Knife” used to cut sugar cane in the old days. That hook sure comes in handy for all sorts of thngs…….. Donald

    4. blacksmithtech Says:

      Thanks for the cane knife info – not much sugar cane in Illinois 🙂 so that may be why I have never seen one!
      Love the dogs in the way – reminds me of my knot-head lab, they always want to be involved. Take care – Mike

    5. dljones33 Says:

      Now THAT is a knife!!! It is sort of like swatting flies with a sledge hammer lol. But hey, it works good. Thanks for the vids. They are really neat. I especially enjoy them after a long hard day in the office. It is nice to get back to nature and play in the dirt.

    6. webcajun Says:

      I use that cane knife for all sorts of things from cutting mustard to cutting branches. Glad you enjoy the vids…… Donald

    7. webcajun Says:

      It also comes in handy for cleaning large gar fish……. Donald

    8. kulkarniar Says:

      This is a great video. I grew mustard (any plant for that matter) for the first time this year. So I was wondering how to harvest them (yay!) when I found your video. Conditions are a bit different here in the Pacific NW but your advice is very useful for a clueless urbanite like me. Thanks!

    9. webcajun Says:

      @kulkarniar … glad it was helpful……Donald

    10. myshizzleneal Says:

      love all your videos mr donald, you did however leave out key part to mustard greens. they are dang good eatin. goodness gracious alive, give me some cornbread and some greens and im livin large thanks for sharing, neal in ga

    11. webcajun Says:

      @myshizzleneal … Hey Neal, you’re right about that. Ate my first ones fresh out the garden a couple of weeks ago. They have since grown back and ready to cut again. I can make a meal just out the greens…………Donald

    12. Kedeaux Says:

      Love it! Thanks so much for your help!!

    13. webcajun Says:

      @Kedeaux … Yeah it’s that time of the year again. Got about 50 ft. planted (I know that’s a lot) hoping to get some cold weather on them to make em taste so much better………..Donald

    14. 231MasseyFerguson Says:

      Mr. Donald, I am having trouble with my mustard greens. They are turning yellow! Why is this? We have got a few pickings out of them but not near as much as we should get. Do you have any advice on what I need to do? Think I should take the weedeater to them??Thanks! Oh, and I am 26 years old and live in Livingston Parish.

    15. webcajun Says:

      @231MasseyFerguson … we lived in Watson years ago. How old are they and have you been getting lots of rain? Have you fertilized? Where we lived the soil was very poor………Donald

    16. 231MasseyFerguson Says:

      @webcajun I’m very familiar with the Watson area. I live a few miles below I-12 between Walker and Llivingston….The mustard greens are about a month or a month and a half old. It’s maybe rained once or twice since then. I fertilized the ground 1 good time right before I disked and made the rows to get ready to plant….The turnips are growing, but the roots are small. We harvested a mess this evening, but they are small. I took the weed eater to the mustard greens. They should sprout out good.

    17. webcajun Says:

      @231MasseyFerguson … My mustard are usually ready to cut between 6-8 weeks. The colder it gets the slower some vegetables will grow. Give em a little time……….Donald

    18. 231MasseyFerguson Says:

      @webcajun THANKS!…… Will a hard freeze kill them? The vegetables we have growing are mustard greens (picked em and ate em Several times), turnips (very small roots, but got our 1st pickin today), green onions (already got enuff to put in the freezer), garlic (not doing much at all), and cabbage (heads are just starting to form). YOU ARE A VERY INSPIRATIONAL PERSON AND HAVE THE BEST VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET. PERIOD!

    19. webcajun Says:

      @231MasseyFerguson … the greens, onions and garlic will be fine. Turnip I don’t grow so not sure about them. The cabbage MAY be hurt by ice and a real hard freeze. Glad you enjoy the videos………Donald

    20. 231MasseyFerguson Says:

      @webcajun Thanks again, and I sent you an e-mail.

    21. peacelovehippychick Says:

      how do you cook mustard greens? what do you put in them? maybe you could make a video on that. :o)

    22. rebeccapalga Says:

      We have learned so much from you.
      We add salt to our water when we are soaking them for cleaning. The salt kills any bugs and they will float to the top.

    23. webcajun Says:

      @rebeccapalga …Thanks for the tip…..Donald

    24. Tygenja Says:

      I Enjoy your videos, been growing lots herbs and tomatoes for a while in my home in london,

    25. webcajun Says:

      @Tygenja …Glad you enjoy the vids……Donald

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