Vegetable Gardening : How to Harvest & Store Spinach

Spinach is a cold-loving plant that should be able to grow year-round, but it is grown best in this spring and fall. Harvest spinach as baby spinach or big-leaf cooking spinach with help from an organic farmer in this free video on vegetable gardening and horticulture. Expert: Jarrett Man Contact: Bio: Jarrett Man created and runs Stone Soup Farm, an organic vegetable and fruit operation in Belchertown, Mass. Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn

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    18 Responses to “Vegetable Gardening : How to Harvest & Store Spinach”

    1. vutEwa Says:

      thank you for this information. have you got any tips for high altitude gardening?

    2. taviyo Says:

      great video. very informative. Thanks!

    3. sebb3003 Says:

      very good video but it would be nicer watching if you looked like you enjoy doing it because obviously with what you grow you do
      😀 but still amazing thanks.

    4. albruce1949 Says:

      Very helpful! Thank You..

    5. theroilsoil Says:

      Jerret –

      Your videos are great – direct and simple.

      Please get something for that cronic cold (stuffed up nose), we need people like you around to keep providing great instructional videos.

    6. coirgreen Says:

      Does anyone use coir for their growing? Coir is a sustainable resource and help healthy, plant growth. Checkout our site for more information on.

    7. taubiota Says:

      Great videos! Thanks for your help!

    8. greysky8 Says:

      Just the info I needed thanks! I didn’t know it would come back after a harvest, so I’m glad i found your vid.

    9. smilewait4flash Says:

      Great video, but dude are you stoned? LOL

    10. SplotchyZebra Says:

      @smilewait4flash Eh, he’s probably sick or has sinus issues.

    11. beaverSTYLE4 Says:

      Thank you very much Jarrett.

    12. TABULOUS1 Says:

      Everybody always thinks Jarret is baked in his videos (self included).
      Either way, his videos are always clear & effective….. and relaxed, lol.

      lol @ the irony of “I’m Jarrett from STONEDsoupfarm…”
      (ok.ok. So I slipped a “D” in there after “stone”) *hehehe*

      Serious question tho’– I heard him say to wilt the leaves b4 storing them 4a longer period of time. Is that vital? & what is the value in that? &does that mean that freezing WITHOUT wilting first will screw them up? Please advise.

    13. vidinman Says:

      Stoned or not,he is a sexy lil thing

    14. frequency067 Says:

      Jarret is hot. Is he single?

    15. ospTube Says:

      Looks like… in Jarrett’s previous video he was harvesting another herb… can’t seem to find that video tho.

    16. ospTube Says:

      Oh DUH! The farm is called Stoned Soup Farm.

      Silly me!

    17. pkucler Says:

      I use google translator, I have a greenhouse 7m x 3m and a lot prosotora outside gardens.

    18. mamaajaz Says:

      thanks for the information. I let my spinach grow to a bigger size and wasn’t sure when it was time to harvest. Looks good. Stay Stoned!

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