Vigilante Gardener

I decide to illegally grow a vegetable garden on a neglected patch of land in Brooklyn. The garden is located on 8th Ave and 5th Street in Brooklyn, New York. Feel free to stop by and water it if you’re in the area.

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    23 Responses to “Vigilante Gardener”

    1. Kathilisi Says:

      Wonderful idea! I’ve just started growing a few vegetables in pots on my balcony, and I find it so rewarding to watch them grow… and some of them grow so quickly! And in no time at all you have delicious home-grown organic vegetables.
      I don’t think anyone will complain about your vigilante gardening… nobody cared about the patch of unused dirt before, did they?

    2. adventuresat25fps Says:

      Nice work – I’ll add it to my pothole gardening blog 🙂

      I recently created a pothole garden vegetable garden in London, UK!

    3. valerie1969 Says:


    4. PurPL3PI3LoVer Says:

      honestly ur becoming my favorite youtuber/inspirational person that is just ahmazing.i love watching your videos they always make me think and feel a bit of peace n fuzziness inside knowing there are still people out there that care n even doing something so little can give such a big impact ya kno? so ya lol jus wanted to say that:)

    5. Laluz67 Says:

      What a great idea!!

    6. Ezlpo Says:

      organic soil? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      Well I guess that is better than the synthetic soil.

    7. almostincognito Says:


    8. dannyd34 Says:

      Cool idea. I plant a garden every year but live in the country so it is easy. My questions, Why is it illegal? Are you just calling it illegal to bring attention to your video? Can you actually show statutes of the law making it illegal? I hardly think anyone including the rightful owners would object to the usefulness you are putting this otherwise unuseful piece of ground to.

    9. marshallcbrown Says:

      How perfect!

    10. ebrwingnut911 Says:

      @Ezlpo I LOL’d Ez. I think he probably just meant non-fertilized soil.

    11. ebrwingnut911 Says:

      @Ezlpo I LOL’d Ez. I think he probably just meant non-fertilized soil. Long live EHOWA

    12. showkat Says:

      Keep saving the world brother, you are a hero to me!

    13. sciencetoymaker Says:

      Great stories, great editing style.

    14. bowzip Says:

      Your Mom must be so proud of you…if she’s not I’ll claim you as my grandson.

    15. wendykgo Says:

      I am working for an ad agency on an international ad campaign and the director and agency are interested in using a guerilla gardener for the ad. If you could please contact me at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate it. 310-994-3258

    16. orphahdz Says:

      Any updates on the garden? I think this is such a cool idea and why would anybody get you in trouble for making such an ugly spot beautiful and useful again?

    17. thepotholegardener Says:

      Keep up the great work! We’re busy guerilla gardening on this side of the pond.

    18. kurtiobst Says:

      I saw the garden this weekend and can report that there were some hearty tomatoes almost ready to be picked and eaten. It is coming along nicely – I hope this continues all over.

    19. StatenIslandSlim Says:

      any updates on the rogue garden?

    20. engelsksommarregn Says:

      I found the place on Google Street View (can’t post links here), but I don’t know if it’s their doing :S It’s very.. green.. tho.

    21. sleve76 Says:

      right on!

    22. mostercreature Says:

      Don’t forget to update!

    23. iQQatYou Says:

      I’m a Bloomin Idiot here in the Berkshires of Ma. I’d like to donate plants and seeds to your cause. Update us…nothing more fun to me than to watch a garden grow. Something VERY good will come back to you for this. Thank you to you and your friends for making the world a more beautiful place. I will email you.

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