Water Tank for the Vegetable Garden — March 2011

Setting up a water tank for the vegetable garden. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana Cajun Country

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    25 Responses to “Water Tank for the Vegetable Garden — March 2011”

    1. webcajun Says:

      @Praxxus55712 …Go green with electric…….Donald

    2. webcajun Says:

      @MrNovascotia100 …Wish it were rain water but this is tap water…..Donald

    3. webcajun Says:

      @ivankinsman …When it gets dry out there watering is important……Donald

    4. webcajun Says:

      @prairiepatch …I know what you’re talking about with the kinked hose. Comes out pretty well in the beginning then it kinks…..Donald

    5. webcajun Says:

      @StowAlex …Spring looks like it came early again this year. Will be planting more in the next couple of days…..Donald

    6. wsarris424 Says:

      That’s a great idea with the tank. Have you considered getting an additional tank so you don’t have to take so much time cleaning out that one?

      By the way, who won the contest for the okra seeds?

    7. webcajun Says:

      @wsarris424 …That’s what I said in the video, if you can get 2 tanks. After posting the video to YouTube the first one to guess “cetarro” got at 113……Donald

    8. blackpowderbill Says:

      Last yr I started taking milk and juice jugs. Poked a hole in the bottom, cut a chunk out of the top tied them to my pepper stakes. It made it easier to use the hose to fill the jugs and not water the weeds. I may invest in a power sprayer like your this season. Filling those 1 & 2 gallon pump sprayers 4 or 5 times is getting old, cuts into my couch time.

    9. webcajun Says:

      @blackpowderbill …That 26 gal. tank goes a long way when putting water out just where you need it. Pays for itself in no time and you can use it for spraying also……Donald

    10. minifarmgirl11 Says:

      Hi Donald, Do you ever check the water ph? We have well water and it 6.2 but I really dont know if thats bad for veggies or not. Its really hard though, leaves spots on everything. Cant wait to see your garden this year!

    11. webcajun Says:

      @minifarmgirl11 …No I never have checked the PH of the water. I’ve never done a soil test either…..Donald

    12. ShawnKirkpatrick1994 Says:

      @webcajun I know this isn’t about this video but do you usually plant by the signs? Thank you

    13. webcajun Says:

      @ShawnKirkpatrick1994 …With all the rain we get in winter and spring I have to plant when I can, not by the signs…..Donald

    14. islandgardener Says:

      what size is your tank?

    15. webcajun Says:

      @islandgardener …26 gals…..Donald

    16. gardnerofthesouth Says:

      i got a jd gator, with a 100 gal tank, and a 1”/1/2 outlit, and also a ght coming out and a pump to tank, so i can fill out of a pond/well and i can keep water runing with a little bit of water aucti comming out

    17. webcajun Says:

      @gardnerofthesouth …sounds like a real good setup……Donald

    18. GangBoxer Says:

      I love your video! There very interesting, informative, and relaxing.

      When will your next feild trip of the garden be?

    19. webcajun Says:

      @GangBoxer …Got a new video coming out in about a week then the next one may be a field trip. Glad you enjoy…..Donald

    20. DesertDigger1 Says:

      Its too bad you and Justin Wilson were a generation apart Donald,You two guys wudda made a pair! Keep the good videos coming,You cuda growed,and he cuda cooked…..But I have a feelin you,re prob. not a a bad cook either.

    21. webcajun Says:

      @DesertDigger1 …back in the 70s I live not far down the road from Justin Wilson. Never met the man but I’m sure we would have gotten along just fine…..Donald

    22. Darrenc68 Says:

      Hi Don, not a watering question but is the garden affected by deer/rabbits? Just curious if you do anything to deter them. Thanks!

    23. webcajun Says:

      @Darrenc68 …No deer but I do have at least one rabbit. Try throwing a few moth balls out there and it may keep em out…..Donald

    24. gardnerofthesouth Says:

      ya i took it off the gator lol i put it on a trailer now

    25. gardnerofthesouth Says:

      @gardnerofthesouth ya i took it of the gator and put it on a trailer

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