What are those tiny worm-looking things in the the soil I use in my indoor garden, can they hurt my plants?

I noticed after a week or so of planting seeds and they sprout, these microscopic white things start crawling and jumping around in the soil. They kind of freak me out, and I was wondering what they were, what they do, and what can I use to get rid of them? I used a dish soap solution that a friend recommended but that killed my plants as well as the critters.

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    5 Responses to “What are those tiny worm-looking things in the the soil I use in my indoor garden, can they hurt my plants?”

    1. FarmCzar Says:

      If they’re small and "jump around on the soil", they’re not aphids, they’re springtails, and they’re part of the forest floor ecosystem that cycles nutrients for your plants. Springtails are fungal feeders that are often found in worm composting systems, and they’re harmless to plants. You can see a picture here (click photo to see a larger version):

    2. ATANU MAITY Says:

      may be……….they can harm ur plant. So spray insecticide as soon as possible otherwise it can totally destroy ur beautiful plant.

    3. chris Says:

      Any time you bring things in from outside (Dirt, plants, wood, pine cones, etc.) there is a chance there will be eggs in / on it that will hatch as soon as it reaches the right temp. One way to kill most of them is to microwave them before using it inside. If you can replant it this may be an option for the dirt.

    4. Freedom Says:

      They are aphids and they will eat your plants and probably kill them if you don’t get rid of them.
      Get rid of the soil and transplant your plants in sterile packaged soil. Wash the pots with soap, bleach and hot water to kill eggs.
      You can wash the bugs off of your plants with a spray of water or insecticidal soap.
      The reason your plants died is because you used dish "detergent", not soap. Detergent kills plants.

      Here’s the recipe for insecticidal soap that will not harm your plants.

    5. jean ann j Says:

      Farm Czar is right. Springtails hop.
      Lemon Joy or Ivory liquid dish soap are the soaps to use on bugs on plants. Other soaps are to harsh. It takes 3 tablespoons to a gallon of water. Plants that young should have a spray for plants used on them.

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