What's the best plant for someone bad at gardening?

I’m not exaggerating – I’ve killed an aloe plant, rosemary (twice), even a bamboo that you only have to water once a month! Right now I have a cactus as a gift and I’ve kept it alive for almost 6 months and would like to expand. I’m looking for an indoor plant and get some sun (I’m on the west side of my building). Sometimes I go away for a weekend and don’t really have anyone to water plants for me. Ideas?

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    4 Responses to “What's the best plant for someone bad at gardening?”

    1. sojournsoul Says:

      Spider plants are hard to kill, and beginner gardners have luck with them:


    2. alan53163 Says:


    3. red elephants Says:

      i’m right there with you. seasoned plant killer.

      snake plants are pretty hardy for inside. i’ve got one now and its still looking really great. only water about 1-2 times per month and they can go longer than that. its pretty neat looking too. another name for it is mother in laws tongue.

      ivy is pretty hardy too.

      they make self watering planters that can help with the issue of watering. i have my ivy in one now and its working great. was $6 at walmart.

    4. Bandett Says:

      I agree with Sojourns, get a spider, they pretty cool plants. Im looking at one right now sitting on my table. all i did was pick off one of the "babies" from a plant at the store. stuck it in some dirt in a pot, and it started growing .

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