During this recession, what do you think of these ideas for saving and making money?

1. Set up an apple cider stand on a crisp fall day.
2. Start a gift-wrapping service at the holidays.
3. Sell items from the attic using an on-line auction service.
4. Wear your winter coat one more season
5. Set up an automatic paycheck withdrawal for per week.
6. Hold a garage sale.
7. Barter with neighbors or friends for needed household services.
8. Babysit for neighbors.
9. Mow lawns.
10. Post a flyer at the grocery store offering to help people move.
11. Start a spring cleaning service.
12.Walk dogs.
13. Offer seamstress and tailoring services.
14. Sew instead of buying clothes or home accessories.
15. Provide a taxi service for elderly neighbors.
16. Bike to work.
17. Car pool.
18. Use public transportation.
19. Park in the less expensive lots and enjoy the exercise you get from walking!
20. Conserve electricity at home and estimate monthly savings.
21. Find a student (kindergarten through college) who needs a tutor.
22. Cut out candy and snacks; donate what you save on these purchases and dental bills!
23. Take outgrown kids’ clothes to a consignment shop.
24. Take your duds from the ’70s or ’80s to a vintage shop-everything old is new again!
25. Camp instead of staying in hotels on vacation.
26. Give up cable television for a few months–or forever!
27. Pet sit for neighbors who are traveling.
28. Make Saturday "Homemade Pasta Night" instead of dining out.
29. Borrow the latest best-sellers from the library instead of buying them.
30. Give up soft drinks for a whole summer.
31. Take a Thermos of fresh-brewed coffee to work instead of stopping for gourmet brew.
32. For your birthday, ask friends and family to make a gift to Mennonite Board of Missions, Commission on Overseas Mission, Commision on Home Ministries or Ministries Commission, Mennonite Church Canada in your name.
33. Give up your gym membership for the summer and exercise in the fresh air and sunshine.
34. Use coupons when shopping, and donate the savings.
35. Shop at yard sales and thrift stores–you never know when you’ll find a hidden treasure.
36. For large household purchases, look for bargains on-line.
37. Pay off credit card debt so no interest collects.
38. Don’t let water run while brushing teeth and turn out lights when you leave a room.
39. Offer your services as an office temp or substitute teacher.
40. Design Web sites for local families and businesses.
41. Buy cost-cutter brands for staples and household supplies.
42. Email friends and family instead of calling.
43. Make your own gift cards for holidays and birthdays.
44. Wear more "hand-me-downs" instead of buying new clothes.
45. Buy clothes that mix-and-match for each season.
46. Start flowers from seeds instead of buying seedlings.
47. Put on a family or neighborhood talent show and charge admission.
48. Use vinegar and water for a general household cleaning solution and save on expensive products.
49. Collect cans.
50. Study your health insurance policy and discover ways to avoid health care costs.
51. Plant a larger garden and sell vegetables at a roadside stand.
52. Instead of taking friends or clients out to dinner, send a donation in their name.
53. Donate your holiday club account and give homemade gifts this year.
54. Instead of buying a new CD every week, trade with your friends.
55. Scale back your vacation this year, or choose a service project instead.
56. Wait another six months for any major household purchase.
57. Postpone an upgrade to a software application you use.
58. Make a choice: Chocolate or coffee. Movies or eating out. Experience the one you choose more fully and donate your savings.
59. Buy a live plant instead of fresh flowers to decorate your table.
60. Love your looks–give up hair color, permanents, and other things that detract from your natural beauty.
61. Learn calligraphy and make money addressing invitations and lettering announcements.
62. For special family nights, plan on a video and pizza at home instead of dinner and a movie out.
63. Take the kids to the grocery store with you instead of hiring a babysitter.
64. Restrict your use of the cellular phone to emergencies only.
65. Choose eyeglasses with a sun clip instead of buying prescription sunglasses.
66. Wait for summer clothes to go on sale.
67. Be creative with leftovers–use them for work lunches.
68. Find loose change and save it in a coffee can for a year.
69. Bathe the dog yourself and save the groomer’s costs.
70. Do your own house painting this spring instead of hiring a professional.
71. Play tennis on the public courts and save fees.
72. Give up golf for a few weekends and hike in a state park instead.
73. Rake lawns in your neighborhood in the fall.
74. Donate your expense checks from work-related travel.
75. Hold a bake sale.
76. Have friends over for parlor games instead of going out to the theater or a concert.
77. Shovel snow for money.
78. Organize a neighborhood car wash.
79. Sell lem

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    1. justdaydreaming? Says:

      wow these are all really good ideas
      ive been doing lots of things like this lately =]


      I think, and this is rare, that i hope you copied and pasted that, i liked 7 and 15

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