Do I Need A Garden Rain Gauge?

Rain gauges are a great way to accent your yard or garden.  They make great gardening gifts and are an excellent way to monitor the amount of water your lawn or garden is receiving.  Today’s rain gauges are simple to use with pre-calibrated scales on their sides.  Garden rain gauges are visually appealing, fun and colorful.  Rain gauges are a perfect way to get children and students interested in the weather, or to take the first step toward building your own home weather station.  They come in a wide variety of practical and decorative styles.

A rain gauge is also known as a pluviometer or udometer.   Rain water collects in the easy-to-read clear vial, which is marked in both metric and standard units of measure for convenience.  They are usually about 50 cm tall and are placed on the ground just high enough to avoid splashes.  A weather rain gauge should be placed in an open area away from trees, buildings, and other structures to avoid false readings.  It is a simple weather instrument used for measuring precipitation.  Whether for recreational home use, or for more serious weather investigators, there’s a rain gauge for everyone.

Digital rain gauges work in a similar manner to standard rain gauges, although they have the ability to read precipitation levels, translate that information into digital data, and transmit that data to a wireless receiver.
The obvious advantage to a digital rain gauge is that you don’t have to go outside to get a reading, the rain level can be viewed on the receiver inside your house.  Digital rain gauges have many other features, including time, temperature, humidity, and more.  A digital rain gauge is a very useful instrument for the meteorologists and the hydrologists.  Various models of digital rain gauges are available in the market and are becoming more affordable with price ranges from $40 to $60.

Inexpensive plastic rain gauges work very well for homeowners and gardeners.  The simplicity of the rain gauge design assures trouble-free operation, yet provides accurate rainfall measurements.  These colorful lawn and garden ornaments are made of a ceramic and plastic mixture to make a sturdy but dedicated design.  Garden rain gauges will provide service for generations to come.  But, why limit yourself to boring tubes when you can accent your yard with a colorful toad or frog rain gauge?  Be careful, sometimes the frog actually gets IN the rain gauge. 😉

Frog In Garden Rain Gauge

Frog In Garden Rain Gauge

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