Grow Lights For Gardening

Grow lights are a great way to grow plants indoors, or as an addition to greenhouse growing. A plant light can be as small or as large as you want, depending on what you are using it for. There are spot growing lamps, compact fluorescent bulbs, and high output T5 fluorescent tubes, fixtures and even grow light stands, with several levels of plants, all in one convenient and easy to move stand. For greenhouses, it is a great way to add light during the winter months, or even on days when the sun is obscured by clouds.

There are different kinds of grow lights. The spot lamp plant light is ideal for lighting up single plants, like exotics that need more illumination, or for growing an herb garden in your window sill. Many have clamps that can attach to a wall or window sill and be pointed in the right direction. 60watt spot grow lights are ideal for small areas, but if you need to cover a larger area, then the 150watt bulbs provide much better coverage.

For more full spectrum applications, there are many specialized fluorescent lights and fixtures that are ideal for totally enclosed spaces, and are available in a multitude of lengths and strengths. Many of the fixtures come with shades that focus the light better. The bulbs for grow lights can range in price from just under twenty dollars, to well into the fifties or even hundreds of dollars, depending on the size and color spectrum they provide.

Now when using grow lights as a way to give plant light to your indoor garden, remember that even though they may be a full spectrum light, they aren’t the sun, and need to be left on for at least ten hours a day. In order to save time and hassle, many people use a timer to automatically regulate how much light their plants have. You can buy all of your grow light needs at most lawn and garden stores locally, but there are many websites, that specialize in indoor growing products and accessories. Many of these sites have free shipping, and this is a something to consider, because ordering any kind of grow light system is pretty heavy.

When finding good grow lights for your plants, it is important to shop around, so you can get the best prices. You should always try to go for the kind of lights that are the most energy efficient, so it doesn’t put a strain on your lighting bill. If you are just starting out, you should talk to one of the sales people at your local nursery, and let them know what you are going to use the grow lights for, so they can give you the best ideas.

Now there are many people who use grow lights for legitimate reasons, but some people are just plain dumb and may try to use plant light for illegal growing operations, like marijuana. Those of you that are using grow lights for illegal purposes be warned, there are many ways that the police can find out that you are growing pot, and if you think this article is going to show you how, think again. 😉

Table Top Grow Light

Table Top Grow Light

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