Help with Dad Christmas gift – VERY hard to buy for – PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?

Good looking, 55 yr. old VP of construction firm.

He has everything he needs or wants!

He drinks beer (only) and smokes cigars but only a certain kind (gift baskets with various types are not an option – I’ve tried).
He restored a car, but it’s perfected and nothing I could know is needed. (’57 Bel Aire)
He works with tools but owns every type – probably more than one, he’s already told me that.
He wears cologne, but can’t smell!
He’s a freemason, but I’ve exhausted all gifts that relate
He golfs, but has brand new clubs, bag, shoes, magazine subscr. He already stocks up on golf balls and tees.
He has a brand new computer, and doesn’t care for any other tech-related items.
He buys new clothes all the time and hates my taste (he’s a bit, um, unstylish)
He’s fun – but have jokingly bought him nerf guns, portable videogames and remote control cars in the past.
No hunting or fishing or bowling.
He loves food – but a "meat and potatoes" type of guy – one that already has Omaha steaks deliver all the time.
No sweet tooth.
Will not watch a movie twice, nor tv shows.
He gets gift cards from clients all the time.
No ties.
Renovating the house – well, hired help is
He gardens, but barely. Tomatoes and squash only, I think.
Likes jewelry, but his taste is not affordable.
Doesn’t care for sports – goes to some NFL games, but not a true "fan"
New wallet. His type of watches wouldn’t suit my budget.
He already has a stack of books he claims to be "getting a start on"
Mom deals with decor. Nothing like that would be of interest.
No work gear and he has a company car. GPS, cell phone and accessories are redundant.
Travels so much for work, he doesn’t care to go for pleasure. Travel items – luggage, travel pillows, etc. would never be used.
He’s practical.
We have a huge inground pool. Mom buys the fun stuff, and other people come to clean.
We have a game room – likes billards and darts – new balls, cues, chalk-holder even. Table was recently recovered and whole dartboard set-up is new.
Has an outdoor firepit – had two, gave me one- He already have me his old patio furniture that was from this summer, he didn’t like it.
He has all the music he cares for, I’ve tried to buy him some and he either already had it or didn’t care b /c he has satellite radio.
Would not be caught dead at a concert.
Does his own lawn, oddly enough. He has all the needs, like mower, leaf blower, weed eater, pesticides…

ANY other ideas? In reality he’s fun but honestly has all the necessities. Therefore, I need a unique gift that isn’t generic – but must be practical too. He’s not a fan of "gifting for the sake of gifting." Also, not religious.
I think all of you have given me some great ideas! Not sure which I’ll pick, but I’ll def check out some of the websites you all recommended. He loves nice wallets, and his are always getting worn out. As for the classic car stuff, I just have no idea where to begin – he’s not the type for "novelty" items like keychains and such, but maybe I could get out of him if he’d like a new gear stick or seat covers – his car is bad-a and I get it eventually!
The utopia beer from Sam Adams is a great idea (I worked at a liquor store all through college and we had the really neat looking metal bottle) for the connoisseur, but my dad likes bud and bud only…

Anyways, thanks for all the ideas – you have helped immensely!

Still, any other novel ideas are still welcome !!!

Sites You May Find Helpful

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    11 Responses to “Help with Dad Christmas gift – VERY hard to buy for – PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?”

    1. Typo Says:

      So he has a fully restored 57 Chevy. You don’t put in that kind or time or money into an old car unless you like old cars. There are a lot of places online that sell parts for old cars. They also sell other really neat stuff that relate to old cars. Shirts, hats, keychains, jewelery, lighters, chairs, clocks…..literally anything you can think of. Try them, you might find something there.

    2. beach heaven Says:

      My husband is very hard to buy for too. Last year one of the things I bought my husband was a bottle of Utopia Beer from Samuel Adams. There are other brands too, that are "gourmet type beer" What about photographic equipment?

    3. e1ds Says:

      One unique idea for a Christmas gift is a personalized Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle. This can bring together all his favorite things into one composite photo collage layout and the enjoyment of solving the puzzle.

      A Photo Collage is easy to order. Just send the guys at a collection of his favorite photos such as pictures of family and friends, special events and fun vacation photos. You can also specify other themes such as favorite colors, movies, song lyrics or anything else he is passionate about. 10-20 photos usually works best. Based on your photos and input, let the professional designers at create a unique photo collage layout for your approval before making it into a quality Jigsaw Puzzle. Don’t worry, you get a chance to review and approve the photo collage design before they make a puzzle. Once completed, it can be framed and put on the wall as a great keepsake.

    4. ?o??? Says:

      my dad is difficult as well, if he has a sense of humor get him something funny…my dad is artistic and love the shows south park and ncis so i am making him a south park meets ncis art piece and framing it…

      if you an your dad are close you could get him a photo of you two in a really nice frame, or a pic of your mom and him in a frame…if he’s not a sentimental guy you could get him a nice cigar cutter with his initials engraved or new mahogany type box to keep them in…

      if he drinks coffee, get him a mug with pictures on it…

      if you can’t think of anything else go to this website : you can shop by occasion, age, the type of person he is, what he’s into, etc.

      and you don’t really have to buy from that website, but it’ll give you a general idea…

    5. Ut It Dang Iu De Xuong ^^ Says:

      check at
      they offer lot of unique and fun stuffs.
      hope that will help

    6. Angela Nguyen Says:

      You can buy something like desk decor or clock,…. I know an online shop that you can find out gift you your dad, that is I use to buy presents for friends and family there. I really like their IXP3, a kind of internet clock. Merry Christmas.

    7. BoGart Says:

      Get him something cool and personalized like a wallet or something.

    8. Edie S Says:

      Something practical that a VP can use is a business card case, but it has to be cool and different. Check out the one with the fingerprints here:

    9. TonyM Says:

      Well it sounds like your dad is pretty well sorted,
      I have found this great website that sells really unusual and personal gifts i am sure you will find something suitable as they have all kinds of gift for the man who has everything definitely worth a look, And they ship worldwide.
      Hope this helps you, Happy Holidays

    10. shelly Says:

      maybe a cigar box that is really nice to put his cigars in or some really nice beer mugs or get him a gift card to his fav shop that sells cigars if they have one or a case of beer or two maybe
      or you could give him a card that is really nice and offer to help out when he needs it or a nice digital picture frame that flashes different pictures of your family and other htings he likes

    11. ?chipcheep? Says:

      personalized golf balls

      a personalized picture puzzle, thats something different

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