Is there a way to pull duct tape off fur without extreme pain?

OUCH! ……..#&x(?"!^@mX?&&………. *growls*……………..

(this isn’t working)

*looks down*

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*looks up*

Not my TD’s guys…..

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9 Responses to “Is there a way to pull duct tape off fur without extreme pain?”

  1. SweetElf *BackDoor* Says:

    Haven’t you read my ‘about me’ section???


    Use olive oil…

  2. ?¢????? ? Says:

    *barks at you and shows teeth*

  3. Velvet Kitten Says:

    you have to pull it off quickly…not slowly!

  4. Mona ?'s Ron Says:

    I thought you liked a little pain and fur pullin???

    hmm… must be thinking of the other puppy.. *giggles*

  5. Kleo Says:

    Shave it. Your pup wlll be much happier

  6. Tyler Says:

    one thing i would try is hot water u want to try and get the glue 2 weaken some so it will not hurt as much

  7. Mejoliza BU Says:

    oh poor baby fast as u can lol

  8. wild bill Says:

    WD 40

  9. lonely girl Says:

    pain is good pup

    i would like to duck tape you RIGHT OFF lol xx

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