Why Should I Buy A Ladybug House?

Whether you are a commercial farmer or run a simple garden, one of your biggest headaches other than weeds and the ravages of adverse weather, are bugs. Your options on how to get rid of the destructive little creatures are not exactly increased by all the negative publicity that traditional pesticide attracts both in terms of its environmental impact and its effect on human health. However, there are natural and safe alternatives that one can use to get rid of bugs. In this regard, obtaining a ladybug house might present one of your best alternatives.

You see, if you want to save your garden from a number of the harmful pests and insects, you need to find a way to attract to your garden or farm as many ladybugs as possible. This is because ladybugs feed on one of the most destructive garden and farm pests: the aphid. It does not stop there though because they eat a host of other insects that you would want to get rid of. In fact, their very name was born from the realization by farmers of their ‘saving’ role as far as protecting plants was concerned.

What is interesting though is that many people still have misconceptions on ladybugs and still consider them pests, not knowing that they actually help rid the garden or farm of pests. The good thing though is that the appreciation of the positive role they play has become understood by more and more people over time.

To reap maximum benefits from these friendly beetles, it would thus be wise to invest in ladybug houses. This is because the ladybugs need somewhere to hibernate or lay eggs. Even if you introduce ladybugs to your farm or garden, they will eventually leave if they do not find a suitable place to lay their eggs and hibernate. A female ladybug lays more than 10 eggs at a time. To protect the eggs from predators, the ladybug will lay them on the underside of a leaf but if available, they would prefer a sheltered place, something that a ladybug house would provide. The eggs hatch after about 5 days.

After hatching, the eggs go through a larvae stage, a pupa stage and finally an adult stage.  The whole metamorphosis takes only a few days, probably an evolved mechanism to reduce the vulnerability of the vulnerable ladybug to predator attack. To protect themselves, ladybugs excrete a liquid that is not only repulsive to their predators in terms of odor but taste wise too. The ladybug at larvae stage already eats starts 25 to 30 aphids a day. A mature adult ladybug consumes more than 50 aphids and pests per day.

As winter approaches, the ladybugs start to look for a place to hibernate. The ladybug houses when available at this time, will serve as the ideal place for them to hide away safe from any predators. There are also commercially available attractant sprays that you could use to draw the ladybugs to the ladybug house. At the onset of spring, the ladybugs will be out and resume their ‘work’ for you.

You may also plant specific flowers and weeds that produce ladybird-attracting scents. These include Angelica, Dills, Dandelion, Wild Carrot and Yarrows.

So next time you see someone trying to crush a ladybug to death, remember that your action of saving the little creature can be one more contribution to not just the continued existence of the ladybug species, but the availability of your next veggie meal too! 😉

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