redectorating the house… IDEAS ACCESSORIES AND TIPS PLEASE!!!!!!?

what kinds of decorating should we put in these rooms any thing will be appreciated!! thanks in advanced! (pillows, candals, curtains, etc!)all paint is benjamin moore brand

~ hallway
walls: horizon gray
white trim, black long rug, dark silver table against the wall

~guest room
walls: morning sunshine
white lace curtains, yellow rug

~living room
walls: DillWeed (sage green)
green chair, beige rug, white brick fireplace, grey curtains, grey couch, glass coffee table

~Dining Room
red curtains, cherry color wood, red rug

walls: Brookdale Gardens, 1 wall is white wood panel
OCEAN THEME, beige couch, white rug

walls: smoldering red
COUNTRY THEME, walnut wood, island, beige and brown granite, stainless steel refridgerator

walls: cats eye (green)
pool table, sand color couch, GAMEROOM THEME

walls: lavender ice (light blue)
white cabinets, white toilet, pedestal, tub w/ white shower curtains
~bathroom 2
Walls: pale iris
stainless steel, grey brick shower, green rug, pedestal, standup shower, tub
~master bathroom
walls:cheroke brick
pedestal, gold steel rods, white and black tiles

~master bedroom
walls: hazy lilac
seating window: night shade
black and white bed spread, white rug, cherry furniture

~girls room
walls: heather pink
hot pink curtains, white furniture

~boys room
walls: mozart blue
red rug, blue chair
~hall/ stairway
walls: orange sky
white wood, seating area

~home office
walls: rich clay brown
woodsy/cabin theme
dark wood desk, lamp with bear


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5 Responses to “redectorating the house… IDEAS ACCESSORIES AND TIPS PLEASE!!!!!!?”

  1. Nurse Susan Says:

    1] curtains/drapes – should match the walls, the bedding or upholstery, or both.Basement, kitchen, bathrooms could have plain miniblinds, if desired.
    2] all bedrooms and rooms with upholstered furniture should have extra throw pillows, in color of walls, fabrics, or combo of both.
    3] adult bedrooms and LR, DR, possibly some bathrooms should have candles in colors of walls or accessories. Short fat ones look nicer in bathrooms. NO CANDLES in rooms where children are unsupervised!
    4] All rooms should have some type of artwork. This can include paintings, posters, photos, framed childrens’ art, floral swags, wreaths, quilts. Hopefully, they match some of the room colors.
    5] All rooms should also have some greenery – a plant, a flower, a floral wreath or swag. [ my son’s room has a fake cactus! ]
    6] pick a metal you like to use throughout your home – brass or chrome. You can move things around, and they will still look good. Use for mirrors, picture frames, lamps, ornaments.
    7] ocean room could have a fish net on the wall with fish, shells, or little mermaids in it. Add some starfish and shells as paperweights or dishes.
    8] home office could have fake bearskin rug, mounted [ fake or real ] antlers, tiny pine tree greenery.
    9] kitchen – put away everything you don’t use several times a week. Leave out decorative items such as ceramics, etc. Get
    curtains and placemats that complement the red, beige, brown, and steel. [ ivory lace or eyelet? ]
    10] all baths should have a second color that complements the first.
    lavender ice [ light blue ] add a deeper blue shade for rugs, trash bin, toilet brush holder. Use accessories in combos of lt. blue, white, and darker blue – soap dish, toothbrush holder,
    tissue box, etc. Use short fat lt. blue candle in white or dk. blue holder, and tiny plant, if room.
    iris bath – use the purple of walls for candle, white or green for holder, green for rugs, trash, etc., ; and purple, white and green for accessories.
    brick – use black for rugs, trash, toilet brush holder, and gold and white for accessories. Use brick candle, and tiny plant.
    11] Hallways – should have art work, and plant if table. this great spot for collages of family photos, friend photos, and vacation photos. If you have lots of small ones, you could make collages for each subject.

  2. Belize Missionary Says:


    hallway – green plant on table. picture of garden (or something similar) with white mat & black frame or mirror with silver frame

    guest room – use royal as an accent. throw pillows, vases, a picture incorporating all the colors, or several plates in a blue and white patteren hung on a wall. a couple of books with bue spines stacked on a night table with a white lamp on top.

    living room – a couple of plants, some books, again a painting/picture incorporating all the colors found in the room. reddish-orange would be a great accent color in small doses…a vase of yellow flowers, a couple of small throw pillows (the same red as in the kitchen would help to unify the rooms)

    dining room – a little yellow would put some zip intot he room and you could use it in the kitchen as well. small items again.

    den – white shells, pictures painting of the ocean, a touch of yellow adds sunshine.

    it seems that none of the rooms have any unifying color…so the yellow could work as such. you could also use blue or white. the yellow adds puch and is often an overlooked color. the particular shades you use would be what makes the difference.

    hope this helps.

  3. Allergic To Eggs Says: wall sculpture contemporary wall sculpture modified contemporary wall sculpture traditional wall sculpture traditional

  4. love2read141 Says:

    i think that what you have is amazing. i would have never thought to put all of those things together. do not change a thing with the ideas you have. they are perfect.

  5. Kathy T Says:

    Just the usual stuff for the usual rooms.
    Honestly, be serious!!!
    Go to a store or get a magazine & look at accessories for each specified room.
    How silly of you or are you just having a joke with us??????

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