What color with hot pink & lime green wedding?

My friend is having a hot pink & lime green wedding. Those are her two favorite colors so there’s no changing that. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. She’s thinking of having one bridesmaid wearing a hot pink dress with a lime green sash, shoes, and flowers…then the next girl the opposite. I suggested black dresses then having the bright colors in the accessories (shoes & sash). She doesn’t want black because it’s likely going to be an outdoor spring wedding at a local garden. Any other ideas so I don’t have to wear hot pink or lime green? I’m fair skinned with auburn hair and freckles!
She is also looking for ideas for other colors. This wouldn’t be something I’m forcing on her. She wants the pictures to look good…and we both agree that the colors she loves will pop better against a neutral background. I’m looking around and I think a sand color would look nice.

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    11 Responses to “What color with hot pink & lime green wedding?”

    1. HW Says:

      What about having a black and white print dress and use the lime and pink as accents with a sash, shoes, purse, etc?

      I couldn’t post a link, but take a look at David’s Bridal, Style: 81372. There are other options as well on the site, but this one looked nice. White House/Black Market has a ton of cute blk/wht dresses.

    2. mom.marlee Says:

      Hehe…I am wearing tangerine orange in a wedding in April….wow! It’s just one of those sucky things about being the bridesmaid. Just let her have her crazy colors and laugh about it later!

    3. K Says:

      Watch 27 Dresses and then goodwill the gown as soon as the reception ends!

      You poor thing!

    4. soon to mrs 9.19.09 Says:

      i wouldn’t be too pushy in trying to change her mind, it is her day after all

    5. volvo_lover22 Says:

      Those were actually my wedding colors until I switched to a winter wedding. I agree with the first 2 answers-especially the 27 dresses one! Some of those will make your dress look amazing! Just remember that it’s her day and when it comes time to return the favor, feel free to!

    6. Suz123 Says:

      She is your friend. So you be quiet and wear what she wants . . . without fussing or complaint.

      In return, she will quietly wear what you want her to wear at your wedding.

      A true friend can suck it up and wear whatever for those few hours. It is only a few hours. Suffer quietly, and do not complain. Do it out of love for your friend.

      Maybe laughing at the ugly dress site will make you feel better?

    7. Soon to be Mrs. Andrew~6/12/2009 Says:

      Hmm, There are lots of cute pink and green dresses. With your hair and skin color would look better but pink would still look OK. I would maybe suggest to her maybe assigning each girl a color either pink or green(draw from a hat). Then you can all go and pick out the dresses. If she is going to use both color dresses it would like better if they were all different. But remember it is her wedding and if she picks out the ugliest dress in the store and say she loves it then you still have to wear it! lol It is her day. Good luck!

    8. lyn Says:

      its not about you its about her day its not your day keep your mouth shut and do as she says other wise you might lose her as a friend i went to a wedding as bridesmaid and wore a really uky dress and i did that because it was her day and i love her as a true friend and i did whinge once

    9. DAMARIS Says:



    10. suellenh Says:

      My first thought was old gold but then I read you’re wanting a dress color and, while I think it would look good on you, I don’t think it would look good as a third dress color. What about your dress being a paler pink or a paler green? Or what about chocolate brown with a green and pink sash?

    11. chefperry Says:

      how about just a hot pink dress with no lime green ????

      the pink on its own would look good with your hair and skin but the lime green would change that so maybe suggest that without adding another colour into the theme

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